Feb 27 2011Fine, One Last Piece Of Zelda Propaganda


Note: Larger version HERE but you can go to Brian's DeviantART page for a massive 7500x5000px (18MB) version.

Here's one last piece (promise) of Zelda propaganda to finish off the celebratory week. It's a chart depicting the various swords from the different Zelda games as created by Geekologie Reader Brian R. (aka Spongeboy1985). Per the man himself (no not God, stupid):

This is A graphic I decided to make of the Swords of Legend of Zelda

This is my No means meant to be a complete Guide

I had a difficult Time Deciding how The Swords should be Categorized
Again thanks to Zelda Wiki For helping me decide

I decided to Not Include The Minish Cap White sword because it is a completely different sword than the others and is a Predecessor to The Four Sword

I included Swords In which I could find Images for
If you feel I'm Leaving something out or Know of images for Swords that I didn't include please let me know. I'm always looking to improve.

Almost Decided to but Minor Enemy swords Such as Darknut's sword and and Moblin spear but Decided not to.

Combined Noble Sword from Oracle Games With The White sword Because the Japanese Version Names it The White Sword Plus I could not Find any good Images of the Noble Sword

I created my own Version of the "Link's Awakening" logo Because the original looks like The "Link to the Past" Logo

Sure, so it's not 100% inclusive. But did that stop me from making it my wallpaper? It did not. But my penis? Out of the question. This is a 15" laptop, not a iPhone video wall!

Brian's DeviantART (with the massive version for download)

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Reader Comments

i think i've swung all those





This guy needs to figure out the rules of capitalization. I'm not usually a grammar nazi but this hurts to read.

Why does the Skyward Sword look like a bow-legged Muslim woman?

@4 the power of zelda XD bin laden is next, G.I. joe will hunt him down with his mastersword

GW posting on weekends is just so... wrong...

What are weekends for GW? Drinking, and having regrettable sex with people of the opposite sex! Sometimes the same, amirite? NO YOU'RE GAY!

@5 agreed

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The Wooden Sword is still my favorite starter sword.

mow mow

Yes, I am partial to the brown sword.

mow mow

No one noticed the Kokiri Sword error, eh?

Fail misspelled Kokiri sword for the lose

Its's missing the darknut/Phantom sword from Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass.

I have built that sword, it is magnificent.

ain't art theft awesome?

Just uploaded a newer version of this.
I fixed the spelling error "Don't steal my name!" so "nicely" pointed out for me
added the 25th anniversary logo
Also got rid of caps, sorry bad habit

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