Feb 11 2011Batman x Star Wars Characters = This?


Luke, I am your father. Just kidding, he and your mother were shot in a robbery!

Ever wonder what a Batman/Ewok lovechild would look like? F*** you're a freak. Seriously, it might not hurt to peep Amazon for some self-help books on that shit. You krinkier than a tauntaun stomach full of lightsaber dildos aside, this is a sketch by Lucas Lago depicting your wildest fantasies. Note: slightly larger version HERE in case you want to print it out and tape it inside a copy of National Geographic for some "bathroom reading". Grab an extra roll of TP and go to town, champ!

Lucas' Website
Batman X Star Wars [laughingsquid]

Thanks to cocoa, who promised to draw me some GW/dino lovechildren for Valentine's. GIRL YOU SO GOOD TO ME.

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should have been "ChewBATca"

@3 and Bata Fett, and Obat-Wan

Tis is so fucking lame gw. wtf

needs naming help.

Yobat >
Bobabat >
Batbacca >

sessy none the less

This seems like a productive way spend your time

Whoa, Boba Fett, the galaxy's most clever and feared bounty hunter, crossed with the Batman, the world's most clever and feared superhero?!?!!??!1?!?!?

We're gonna need a bigger Death Star.
Or cross Bane with the Sarlacc.

GW, are you bored today or what?

Wow, this is...Lame. I mean, really, really lame. I mean, new episodes of the Simpsons lame.

Cool. Im going to go draw a picture with some crayons. I expect it to be posted here tomorrow.

It should be Boba Batt

No it should be

cool, someone drew bat ears on a bunch of star wars characters. really impressive and interesting.

Is the fuuukin talent!!!



Feb 11 2011, the day Geekologie died.

This is just horribly unimaginative.

Honestly, I think this would have been much more amusing/clever if the creator mashed up more characters from the Batman series ..not just draw bat ears on every Star Wars character. Still, 2 of my personal favs in 1.


Fucking retarded. If this is what constitutes a post worthy of the front page I'm going elsewhere

lol... gw...

you know we're all going to keep coming back here. but you're a fucking moron.

this might be cool to a 6 year old. if THEY created it.

but for an adult. to even feign amusement with something like this.

just slap yourself.


You are obviously a sellout. Some chick gives you her shitty drawings and you post it "GIRL YOU SO GOOD TO ME".



If a male gave you this shit, would you post it?

Expecting a da te on this "Valentine's Day"? Don't have any access to find your baby?
~~~Blac k' whi te' F lir ts. C’ 0- M ~~~The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. The best p lace to find your swee t "milk" or "chocolate"!

Go for it !! You will have a da te soon !! :P

My friends and I once swore to make a Star Wars comic book where every character is fused with a flamboyant karaoke champion/local celebrity we knew named Lou. We had Lou Skywalker, R2D-Lou, C3P-Lou, Princess LeiLou, Han SoLou, Loubacca, etc. They were each drawn with Lou's signiture mesh shirt, leather daddy goatee and one dangly earring.

hahahaha BAT-BAT is amazing. also I would pay to read a comic about Lou Skywalker lol!

Fucking stupid.

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Someone is bad at naming!
Sounds like this: http://www.rebelscum.com/story/euro/Darth_Vader_Bubble_Bath_93312.asp

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A male DID draw this. Reread the post.

This is as lame as you are illiterate. Ha!

This is incredibly retarded, even for Geekologie standards :(


anybody else think it kinda looks like they basically ripped off the cheesiest gimmick of the original series- where they just stuck "bat" in front of otherwise totally normal stuff imply because it's in the batcave? it was probably funny-ish, when it was original, but this just sucks.

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