Jan 4 2011WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!: Droid Lover


First C3, then Jar-Jar, and next thing you know you're turnin' freaky-ass tricks in a Mos Eisley bathroom stall. It's a slippery slope, bro, and from the looks of things you're at least halfway down with no trees to break your fall. Just remember: some of them aliens got multiple wieners. They're not gonna wanna pay extra!

Hey, We All Like Star Wars But...Damn! [nerdapproved]

Thanks to greg, who agrees there should be a special place in space-prison for droid-f***ers.

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Hmm...this star wars stuff seems to be popular with the kids. Maybe we should try getting some Star Wars related content on THIS website. Just for a trial run...it might catch on.

In other news, Proposition ∞ was ratified today, legalizing robosexual marriage in the state of New New York.

CP30 doesnt look too interested :/

Does anybody else remember how old this is?

Your mom does.

She also remembers the last time I boned her.

(it was last night)

idiot moron

this looks like its from the freakin 70s lol

Looks like Justin Bieber WAS desperate for a guy

He's cute. I'd like to do a three-way here, then send the cardboard out for some more lube.

ny man can be trained to use a light saber!!

you sick basturd


I almost lost a mouthful of pizza when I saw this. I think it's hilarious.

Looks like this dude,
Wouldn't be surprised if it were him!

jeenyus no it's not

this is a photo of Tony Stockert from a few years back

from around the same time there was a photo of him "drinking tide" and a photoshopped image of him having sex with himself while he watched

according to him he was wearing shorts when this photo was taken

You're my new favourite person for referencing Futurama.

He looks like Luke... same haircut.
Now we know what happened in between takes.

hooray for gay sex!

"...a photoshopped image of him having sex with himself while he watched..."

i wish i had thought of that

If you take sexual advantage of that droid, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

Remember. The SPECIAL hell.

I went to school with this guy. Hahahahahaha!

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