Jan 14 2011Want: This Bad-To-The-Ass Octopus Armchair


Needs an octtoman.

This is a chair shaped like an octopus. I want one, but I'll settle for four if I have to buy a set. But I won't settle for a lobster lounge chair, because that sounds ridiculous. Shark rocker, yes, shrimp stool, no. Also, I'm gonna need mine with a potty chair built in because, let's not kid ourselves, I'm never going to get up. Like, EVER. So yeah, go ahead and make it a wheelchair too. An electric one. Or gas, shit, I don't give a dang. Just as long as I don't have to push myself around, it should all be gravy. And speaking of gravy -- totally just daydreamed my electric octo-potty-throne was real and splattered the couch. *looking around* Oh, no -- still on the can after all, disregard.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more of the impressiveness.









Maximo Riera Octopus Chair [notcot]

Thanks to Tom, who rules the Skeleton Kingdom from atop a bone-throne. I know I'm jealous!

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Reader Comments

FIRST!!!! Youre a hooker!


Third your all hookers

This looks realyl cool! I want to get one and paint it green Cthulu chair =D

OOOOOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Want. if that chair is as smart as an actual octopus... sitting in it will make me even more brilliant!

tss tss...yea what if it was an octopussy chair it would be a very messy chair ya know...tss tss...


Call of Cthulhu anyone?

Oh also...
Posting third doesn't count if you use "your" instead of "you're".

Call these #'s and ask what ever u want
903-504-2828 and

all this needs is a rotating floor so you can turn slowly to face your goody goody arch nemesis in a really cool evil thinking pose!! must have one for my secret evil genius lair!!!!!

1st1st twice!

pss...pss...get it? get it? cuz i 11. pss...pss....

vag chair pss...

pss...pss...L3g3ndQ, switch spots with me...pss.pss

pretty damn cool. a lot cooler than some ugly fcucked up cake some of these people submit

@9 didn't really care but, thanks for correcting my grammar, I was just making fun of the firstards

Call these #'s and ask what ever u want
903-504-2828 and

That is one fecking great looking chair.
Who wouldn't want one?


Holy crap thats awesome!!

Now that is one bad ass chair! That is a very impressive. I want one!

These are all the rage in R'Lyeh

HOLY SHIT!!! THAT IS AWESOME!! I WANT IT NOW!!! That would look great in my living room!! But..... My girlfriend would shit a roadkill skunk and most likely kill me if I bought a chair like that. She would bitch that it would clash with the rest of our living room furniture and say it's ugly. Well it would match the theme of our large saltwater fish tank that's in our living room I guess. Damn it I really want that chair! How much is it? Does anyone know? And why do women take the fun out everything?

I want the creators to make me one out of a dragon curled around perched at the top.

oh YEAH!

reminds me of ursula the sea witch's rear end

So this is where Octomom sits to shave her deformed v@gina?

@26 LMFAO JUST EPIC!! I could see the Octomom sitting on that chair shaving her horrible deformed vag. Man I bet the Octomom's labia minora could stretch out like a pair of fucking Boeing 747 wings. Her vulva must look like it was hit by a nuclear bomb or something. Gives me the shivers, but its funny too.

My friend saw this & said as if she were the octopus, "Come children & have a seat on my TESTICLES!" but meant to say tentacles!! XD

That is freaking awesome.

Supernice and genial. Thanks from Italy

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