Jan 28 2011UGH -- Those Kids Probably Don't Even Know What Daleks Are!! Inflatable, Driveable Daleks


These $320 inflatable Daleks (complete with light and sound fx!) from Zappies Ltd are dropping in June and make the perfect gift for the 3-year old Dr. Who fan in your life. Which, fun fact, nobody has. You can sit in it yourself pressing 'GO' until the motor seizes up and catches fire though. Whee, the plastic's melting to my skin!

Hit the jump for a short commercial for the admittedly cool Dalek-carts.

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Zappies' Epic Ride-able 'Doctor Who' Dalek Toy With SFX!! [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Jake, who's gonna cram his ass in there and ride down the stairs even if it's the last thing he does. Jesus, it might be!

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Not that it matters but why wouldn't those kids know what a Dalek is? Doctor Who is widely considered a children's television show and has been considered one since the original. Just because a lot of adults like it doesn't mean that children don't.


Okay, I am just barely getting into Dr. Who and I want one!

I don't think I'll fit. Unless they're bigger on the inside.

Long last the robots!

OLD! I saw and favorited this video yesterday! GW, get with the times, please.

btw, I'd like to bet they can't climb stairs. I'd prefer a cyberman inflatable Ride-in, cuz there are two main differences between the two:
1)Cybermen can climb stairs
2) Cybermen are better at dying
Cybermen are just made of efficient!

@8 - You just wanna bang a cyberman inflatable xD

As my screen name suggests, I have four kids. The youngest is two. Not only does she know what a Dalek is, she does a pretty darn good imitation of one. "EXTERMINATE!" I guess whoever did the writeup doesn't have kids, mine lover Doctor Who.

I want these to have a laser tag function with the other lasers being in a sonic screwdriver and the target a Fez!

Wooooo!!!1 i love me some Who gear

Come on now, I cannot be the only one here thinking these would make for some fantastic butt-plugs. amirite?

SOOOO it doesn't have lasers or anything? It's just a stupid little motorized blow up toy? give me my money back.



If I was a kid I would sooo want one of those.
Heck, I want one now, but I know I wouldn't fit.
It's times like this I wish I was a midget.



seeing these kids smiling faces as they ride around in a dalek goes intirely against the destructive nature of the daleks....

I plan on ordering my son and nephew each one so they can go terrorize and run over the neighbor kids, that and so my son and nephew can beat the crap out of each other with too. I do like the idea of having a laser tag set up on these.
Have a kid wearing some kind of senor that beeps or something when the other kid who's driving the Dalek shoots them with a laser. That would kick ass.

I have 4 sets of those old school Lazer Tag guns and shit from the 80's, but I wouldn't destroy them for that reason. I still play with those damn things lol!

(For those who don't know what I'm talking about 1980"s Lazer Tag)

Damn! Kids these days get all the cool shit! I'm a huge Dr.Who fan. I would of wanted one of these when I was a kid. Hell I want one now!

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This is absolutely full of epic win. They need to make adult sized versions pronto so I can have one :D

Shame they didn't use the proper dalek voices in this ad, they sound absolutely awful ):

@21 I have this urge to give you a wedgie when I read 'full of epic win'.
I hope you don't say those types of things out loud.

Dalek's are awesome, I wonder how they decided on that voice. Laser tag would for sure be cool with these, though I don't know any kids that are familiar with the show.

Poor GW! You're really suffering the angry wrath of parents whose spawn love Daleks.
What they seemed to miss is that you didn't say "No kids would know what Daleks are" but simply "THOSE kids PROBABLY don't even know what Daleks are."
Love your work mate.

I didnt even know Americans knew what Doctor Who WAS... wow. Classic British show, when i was young i was PETRIFIED of them, i would never consider going near one, never mind playing in one..

I think i can cram myself into one of those.
It wouldn't be pleasant, and with my self in it it probably wouldn't be able to move.

But i think i would still try.

@ Nash- He did also say nobody has a 3-year-old Doctor Who fan in their life, and while I don't know any 3-year-old fans, my 4-year-old daughter loves it. She's already decided she wants to be a Dalek for Halloween this year, and I'm sure she'd love to have one of these (not that she's getting one; $320 is too much for an inflatable thing that'll probably get punctured in a few weeks at most, plus that voice is awful.)

I want one in the original colors.

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