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So apparently a revamped Thundercats is coming back to television, and let me tell you: Lion-O looks like some sort of confused emo-anime caricature of his former self. Battle Cat will never let you ride him looking like that! "Uh GW? Battle Cat was He-Man's." REPRESSED ENTIRE CHILDHOOD IS REPRESSED.

Based on the Rankin/Bass sci-fi jungle adventure cartoon, the new "ThunderCats" debuts later this year on Cartoon Network and promises an anime look to the series courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation and Japanese partners Studio4°C. "In addition to being Warner Bros. Animation's first anime series, ThunderCats marks our most ambitious foray yet into fantasy," WBA's Sam Register said during the series announcement last June. "The realism and dynamic visual style we've achieved are sure to thrill viewers, and the cool weapons, vehicles and technology should help the show appeal to a diverse audience."

Aaaaaah, so they were actually going for an anime look, good to know. Cheetara: still 150% doable though. Tygra too! And, from the look of things, even kinkier than ever. I know an anal-bead bullwhip when I see one! (I see one every time I look under the bed for my cell phone is the thing)

OFFICIAL First Image From "Thundercats" [comicbookresources]

Thanks to Black and Shirik, who're both happier than kids in candy stores. Uh, guys? You're not actually supposed to say that anymore because it promotes childhood obesity.

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Reader Comments

Maybe first!?

Maybe sexy as hell? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

will watch but won't have hopes up

God I could just cry

Def watch, enjoyed original. Skeletor better be a bad ass, lol! (yes I know what I did)

Ohhh Studio Studio4°C... I am on it!! they do amrvels..but sure, I hope they don't ruin the thing...

Mumm-Raaaaaaa the Ever-Living!!!

On second though, this will have a "ben 10's " touch ...if they are following that splash screen. Cheetara without her muscle legs..looks she got the anorexia treatment ...Lion-o is now an average teenager with superpowaaa , and Panthro from bad-ass Experienced wrestler-Engeneer-Body-Guard allseing and omnipresent presence, became a Pedo-Redneck Thundercat..

Ok, Tygra now has a Pistol... I am loosing hopes,...

Looks like mediocre fan art.

Thunder, thunder, thunder cats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thats what he says right?

And instead they should bring back Conan...he was the mightiest warrior ever...his quest...

just so long as they either don't bring back Snarf at all, or kill him off quickly.

They did it with He-man too. Same story lines but with dorky dialogue. I was slightly disappointed.

Thundercats came out when I was in college...so...don't care

Dear McFeely Smackup,

You sir are dead inside.

My childhood

I foresee Snarf having a huge mouth when he's talking, and almost totally not there when he's quiet. Along with floating "drips" next to Mumm-Ra's head when he's getting beat, this is gonna suck.

That and swirly eyeballs every time someone is knocked out. And random chibi moments....yick....

Loved Thundercats as a kid and this is just so sad. Lion-O looks like he is going to burst out into song, Cheetara used to look so sexy, now she just looks like peter pan needs a sandwich and lol @ Migo: "Panthro...became a Pedo-Redneck Thundercat." Sadly, that was perfect.

@ McFreely, seriously?


Lion-O looks like will yell "MEOWWWW", rather than "HHHHOOOOO!!!". Where's Snarf and Wily Kit and Wily Kat? Loved the original, I'm hopeful for this one.

I see Teen Titans written all over this frelling dren.
I hope this fails, I'm sick of everything getting remade.

...funny how anyone in their 20's (including late 20's) talk about He-Man and Thundercats with any form of nostalgia as if they were anything more than a fetus when those shows were new...

...generation x inclusion fail...

cheetara is not hot enough

I am cooler than everything and nothing impresses me. I just put my penis in an apple fritter and instantly created a new race of apple fritter people... a race of creatures which do not impress me at all as they are not nearly as cool or amazing as myself. It might be best if all the internets were to just shut down and all life cease to exist as none of these things are worthy of sharing my existence.

Proceed with mass extinction of everything... after which... I will not be impressed.

And once more the American style animation continues to vanish.

@24: Anime was originally influenced by American cartoons. It's come full-circle. But still, damn you, Disney.

Looks like a cross between Thundercats and Dragonball. Lion-O has Goku's Super-Saiyan hairstyle :(

Cheetara looks like a teenage cheerleader, Tigro looks like the lovechild of Master Chief and a wildcat, Panthro looks more like an orangutan who loves monster trucks and Liono loos like a level 1 Novice from RO.... I forsee a failure...

Panthro = Jet Black

Anime is being rather over done, why not a rubber hose Thundercats. Now that would be sweet.

Hitler video of this please.

Thank god i was getting tired of working it to the old 80's cheetara. Finally i will have some new material.

It is my penis


OMG, they look like pussies now.
See what I did there?


Whats with cheetara? I liked her old look were she looked strong. Not like shes hungry :(

Haters gonna hate...
Just sayin'


Nooooooo :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(((((

Sword of Omens. Give me sight beyond sight!

I see that this series will blow.

Haha, people complaining about the "animoo" style of the new show despite the fact that the original was pretty animoo looking too since the majority of Rankin/Bass' animation was done in Japan.

American made/inspired anime sucks giant donkey bawls.

@40... I dunno... Avatar's pretty cool....

Lets hope this turns out better than the new Transformers and GI Joe cartoons. Those new ones blow! I would be pissed if they ruined Thundercats.

seeing this being some kind of prequel to the original were Lion-o didnt age as much in the stasus pod snarf will look like some kind of garfield-yoda love child and the sword of omens extends only when cheetara is in view.

Tygra is wearing spartan armor... is that what hides under master chief's helmet?

What in the name of all that's holy have they done to Lion-o? He was HOT in the old series and yes, I am totally not embarrassed to admit I had a huge crush on an anthropomorphic cartoon cat. Now he's just some scrawny geeky teen. I'm sooo disappointed. The only thing that could even come close to making up for it is if Snarf is left out entirely or killed horribly in the first episode.

i am a fan of anime, but these new school remakes just ruin classics with attempts to strongly emulate contemporary anime art. same thing happened to comics imo. jim lee era comics is american comic book art in my minds eye.

@40 yessss, love Avatar.

I meant, @41*

where are the thunderkittens or whatever, and snarf?!

shtop raping mah childhood memories!

Thundercats, NOOOOOOOO! :(

to much cat and not enough thunder. They should have made it like the opening of the thundercats show back in the day. that wouldve been awesome

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