Jan 6 2011The Miracle Of Life ZOMG, WTF IS THAT?!: Remind Me Again To Never Get Pregnant


This is a video of a woman's stomach with what I can only assume is a full-sized 8-year old inside desperately trying to force its way out. VIDEO CANNOT BE UNSEEN. If you don't want to watch it (which I recommend not), I'll now describe the scene as poetically as possible: HOLY F***ING SHIT -- LIKE A SEA OF FLESH DURING A HURRICANE!!!!!11 Just sayin', remember the old adage, "Red sky at night, sailors delight. Freaky stomach in morning, seamen take warning?" It's talking about your sperms, yo! WRAP THAT DINGHY UP!

Hit the jump for the 'OMG, I'm never having sex again without at least 80 condoms, a half dozen Dorito bags, four Coach purses and a parachute on'.

This Baby Wants to See the World NOW! [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Mary Ann, who -- I always did like you more than that tart, Ginger.

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Please...some chick tell me this is fake and this shit doesn't really happen?

god damn theres got to be more than one in there

@2 it happens but not always that intensely.

Poor baby, this is what is next for him/her:


Hooooooooooooooly sh-


And this is just one more reason to add to my list of why I'm not having kids. That's so creepy and weird.


noone else thought of this? c'mon man.

It is not creepy or weird, it''s awesome! As a mother of two I love it. Watching them move all over and depending on the kids you can even play with them in utero.

"You're looking for the exit or what? Exit is on the other side." I like it... she's talking about her vag.

OMFG Kuato

probably had the space special

Meh...same thing happens to me every time I eat the $5. box at Taco Bell.

Dude, this happens more than people think it does...

That is pretty Killer. I am glad I am a Guy. =)

I'm never having sex with a woman again

they can still blow me tho

This reminds me of Space Balls the movie! Not the cereal box! Check please! hah

As a mom to two, I can safely say that has never happened to me. Maybe the occasional foot but nothing like that. There HAS to be at least 3 babies in there.

SHWEET MOTHER OF GOD thats like something outa Aliens!!!

Dude, imagine if u had sex with that woman and you felt a little hand grab your bell end while it was in there, tell me you wouldnt shit yourself right there n then :D

I am never, ever going to get pregnent!
It was like some horror film.
Oh and...

@9. "This video contains content from mgm, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
Sorry about that."
That is exactly what it made me think of.

Quaid, start the reactor!

"Get that girl some Pepto Bimol!!"

I came

You know, funny thing women LOVE being pregnant. They love having another human wrestle themselves out of their body. They just don't care for you wrestling your way IN.

Also notice she has no stretch marks and she's still skinny even after having a Vern Troyer hide out in her abdomen.
Pay attention gentlemen that's a woman you want.

However after pushing out the Juggernaut, sex will be like throwing a pencil into Howe Caverns.

yeah...you can see videos like that all over you tube. This one is pretty spectacular though...It seems like she is carrying more than one and is too skinny.

Good job being weeks late to the game.

@23 move to america and marry me <3

and its the video from space balls when the alien jumps out and dances.

Hey this reminds me of a movie I saw once.
It was about this woman who had an alien in her belly, and if she didn't get rid of her impregnated alien, then it would burst out and make more aliens. ..

I think it was called 'The Bus that couldn't slow down'


reminds me of the zombie baby on dawn of the dead. ive seen this happen but nearly as severely, i dont think i could deal with all that!

shit is gross, son!

I have had so much fun passing on this link today, only without your kind warning. I may be evil.

My kids got wild like that in the last trimester as room was becoming limited. I'm sure she only has one bun in that oven. It's quite uncomfortable, especially when you're thin and pregnant, as it feels like a kickboxer going apeshit on your organs, ribs and hipbones. My family liked to sit things like cups and plates on my stomach and watch them get "kicked" off by the baby.
All in all, it's worth it :D

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and in finishing!
@27 ME TOO!!!!

My son was just as active, I was really amazed by it all! Not all babies are THAT active though. Just the little hyper ones :)

yuh, it's pretty common. but not all babies are the same.
my mom said i would constantly kick and move around. i moved so much i was upside down in the womb.


Uhm. It's not gross, it's pretty neat actually. Looked it was stretchin'. You can almost hear the little fetus-sized yawns! :D

Wooot, lot of Noobs without kids around here ...that never saw the real shit happen...

THOU SHALL BE WARNED!!! you are in for a lot surprises !!!

Snarky, bandwagon-jumping cultural reference!

i shane owen tighe wou

Either this is one small woman..... or that baby is fucking huge!

Wow! The reason you can see it so well is probably because she was already so thin so there wasn't much fat to hide the baby's Olympic training session. Personally I find that really amazing! I don't think it's gross in the least bit. I think it's amazing how men (excuse me.. boys.. not men) are all "Ewww.. I'm never having sex again" Trust me.. with an attitude like that you may not.

That woman is rather slim so I guess its easier to see how big her baby is and how much it moves. Never made it to the third trimester, but I felt him kicking and elbowing me anyway :)

They're so entertained by this. They're just laughing and generally cracking jokes the whole time. Damn French people don't know when to be scared that their baby is an alien trying to bust of their gut...



Mothers are -fucked up- people.

Rokero: As a mother of two I love it.

You are insane, you stupid bitch. Fuck off and drown your shitty kids.

When I was pregnant w/ mine I woke up one morning with what I call a 'wedge of cheese' sticking out the side of my stomach like 4 inches. He put his elbow there and didn't move it. It looked damn WEIRD. <3

What she needs is a good FALCON PUNCH!

nuke it ?

I look like that a half hour after eating Taco Bell...

@50 stfu you look damn weird @51 i agree

I was half expecting the baby to burst out of that womans stomach in a shower of gore throughout that video.

Off-topic: What's with all the insanely obvious trolls on geekologie recently?

The comments here cracked me up.

Not to freak you guys out but, women don't give birth to bowling balls. They're babies... which are baby shaped, AKA they have limbs, and they like to move around and stretch a bit.

I saw this with my youngest two, and both of their mothers thought it was pretty cool, though also a bit uncomfortable.

Be glad none of your mothers nuked you when you did it to her.

Holy crap... and I'm bitching about being 10 weeks. I'm scared...

"This looks like Alien..."
"He really wants to get out... the exit is the other side!"

Comments are hilarious XD But shit... this is scary. Never seen or heard about this before. Is she even sure it's human?!

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FAKE! I can tell it's shopped from the pixels and seeing many shops in my time.

This is what I dealt with from six months on in each of my pregnancies. It was awesome! It did get to be quite painful by the ninth month though

Lol that looks painful
Not really creepy though..


Its fake you idiots.

two babies wrestling in mom, and referee as third running around them.

This is not Fake; every pregnancy is different. Towards the very end of the pregnancy there is limited space for the baby so it's movements are more pronounced, especially if you are thinner. I admit it is very creepy; when I noticed it the first time with my son it freaked me out a little. Most of you that are freaked out by this are dudes, be thankful that you don't have to feel the little kicker when it hits your organs like their nothing! LOL It's the miracle of life and most of you will feel differently if you decide to have kids one day. ;)

Never eating escargot again.

nuke the site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure

Is this not just a clip from the new Twilight movie coming out? Some crazy vampire-baby pregnant shit is supposed to happen.

you say somthing latched onto her face? but it let go? don't worry about it then.


You think this is the part of pregnancy that's disturbing and wrong? hahahahaha...

Actually, this is one of the most fun parts. It feels really cool. Unlike what happens later.

Chuck Norris can't decide if he quite wants out yet

I'm half expecting something that looks like a penis to pop out of her.

Yep, as a 33 weeks pregnant woman, I can attest that this is legit. It's really fucking creepy, and feels super weird. I think of her as a symbiote nearing maturity :D

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