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Pull My Finger!: Clever Gas Mask Ring Set


I have a German-issued gas mask that I keep on my bookshelf in case shit hits the fan and starts splattering everywhere and smelling all ooky. That one's functional. This one, not so much. But it does look kinda cool in an apocalyptic sort of way.

This is a pure silver ring from Alchemy Gothic, made to order for Manillusion only. Complete with rubber hose and slave ring. We have only two rings, in two different sizes, and will measure them happily for you.

$613 takes a set home, but probably won't protect your fingers from picking up a funk if you've been diddling your partner's privates. Use hand sanitizer acid.

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The Gas Mask Ring For Extreme Hand Gassiness [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Ben, who once pulled a friend's finger and lost smell in both nostrils.

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  • Katze Wazny

    are you my mummy??

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