Jan 10 2011One McSkull Meal Please!: Or, Indiana Jones And The PlayPlace Of The Deep-Fried Skull


This is a skull made entirely of McDonalds fries. No word whose skull it is, but I suspect he was French. French -- like the fries! Hit it, Fozzie Bear. "Wocka wocka wocka!" Thanks broseph, nice hat by the way. "Don't call me broseph." Whatever, duder. "I will violate you with a tree branch!" Not before I call the zoo and have your fuzzy ass hauled off! "You wouldn't!" I already did -- they're here now. TRANQ HIM, GUYS!

Behold, The McDonald's Skull of French Fries [obviouswinner]

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I'm scared, but I'm hungry. sooo.... noms.





I'm pretty sure GW finally went off the deep end there.

That picture reeks of the 90's

excuse me while i- BAAAAAARF.

Very nice...I appreciate him who made this skull.

@4, are you 400 hundred pounds or something? only a fat fatty fat fat tells time by mcdonalds logo on the cup. plus, what if its a really out of the way mickey d's and still have a shit ton of backstock on those cups? your memes are inferior. please die.


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Fries aren't french, they're belgian.

As a belgian myself i have to say...
Fries aren't french... They are indeed from Belgium.
The french can suck it!

@11: i wants me some hot babies. mmm.

fake and gay

Hello, I would like to order the McRib, large McSkull and a triple thick shake.

clever and cool looking. Thanks for sharing it.

I would eat the brain out of that shiiiit... wait, how did he get soo good at skull making?

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

You wouldn't want to eat it, that skull has totally been fingered and that is so not mayo on the side

My fiance and I were wondering how fucking fucked up Gee-Dub was when he wrote this one. She was like "There's only one sentence about the picture." Hahahaha.

Omg those fries look so good!!

french fries AREN'T from France -_- They are from Belgium... Thought you were smartter GW.

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artist behind this sculpture is Christopher Chiappa!


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