Jan 25 2011UM, NO: Future Cellphones Could Be Mini Versions Of This Creepy-Ass Humanoid


Remember Telenoid R1, the teleconferencing robot that "recreates the physical presence of a remote user"? Well now the humanoid's creator is imagining miniature versions being used as cell phones. GTFO of here with that crazy-talk, nutjob!

...if Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Japan's Osaka University has his way, a miniature Telenoid that lets you "feel" the presence of the party on the other line could soon replace the cell phones of today. It turns out the future could be just around the corner as the roboticist said a prototype of the mobile "Elfoid" would be ready in a few months.

When asked how he responds to comments that his Telenoid appears creepy, Ishiguro simply shrugged his shoulders and said that "it is not creepy."

He added that humans tend to get confused when they see a new design, but they will adapt to it. If we are communicating with a friend via the Telenoid, we can imagine his face on the Telenoid's face. Likewise, if the little Telenoids were to embrace each other, we'd be able to feel the hug.

I'm just gonna go ahead and check the box next to 'Hell No' right now. I mean seriously, who in their right mind would be willing to carry around an armless humanoid? "Chewbacca did it". Yeah well Chewbacca also picks and eats his own dingleberries so I'm not sure that's an argument. Just sayin', I talk into NO humanoid's crotch. "Uh, what about the Teddy Ruxpin you had growing up?" THAT WAS A BEAR!

Robot wiz: Your next phone could be a Telenoid [cnet]

Thanks to Jed, who finds the prospect of dropping a little humanoid phone in the toilet horrifying. IT'S WHERE THEY BELONG, JED, GET OVER IT.

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Reader Comments

id hit it

@ 1, I SECOND that (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!!!!!!)

i kind of like it, it would be like having a baby except not coming out of your vagina

shoot it GW!!!!!! Now before it reproduces!!!!

@2 - Tried to suck your own dick but failed miserably?


Long last the robots!

I'd buy it only if the voice that comes out always sounds like Bruce from Family Guy.
You've got a phone call...oh noooooo....

just call me on my butt pug


This sounds a little like Chobits.

Casper is the first thing that came to mind.

I would rather have something like Ranka's cellphone from Macross Frontier.

@11 Except Chobits looked cute. This one is just creepy. I think I'll pass!

#killitwithfire is the first thing that comes to my mind.


Ishiguro-san, that definitely IS creepy. *hides from it*

That would be the creepiest phone in the history of the world.

This phone is far better...

Go read "Eumenides in the Fourth Floor Lavatory" by Orson Scott Card, then look at this phone.


I don't want that thing talking to me! I would shoot it... Many times! Then set it on fire!

@11 and @14 Totally agree. It was just a matter of time. Can't wait to replace my wife with one of these!

it looks like the macros plus emblem coincidence i think not

Thats awsome!!!!
Didn't anyone see "Chobits"???!!! :)

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He stole this idea from Riget.

If he could manage to make the miniature ones actually cute (sumomo from Chobits for example) then this would be a hit with little girls. They could even make mini transformer style ones for boys. However I don't see this as being something for the adult market unless it had genitals.
Now I want to throw up.

yare would have less problems if it was cute like rancas frog phone from macross fronter, lol i love it when she squeezes it when she has a call,
but that thing would give me nightmares knowing it was in my room.

What the hell is that! Eww

That looks like one of those flying creatures from the original Quake!

that reminds me of the ending in the anime Evangelion with that giant white blog guy crucified on the cross

@2, I see what you did there.

also, look up Chobits, as long as it become some form of cute tiny person phone thing, I think I'll be fine. Once my computer is a full sized person is when shit gets weird.

Oh my dear goodness. It's a robotic Eraserhead baby. Also, a prime candidate for an SSI "What needs shredding?" video.

I'm getting the impression that Japanese are really sad and lonely folks. Everything they create is always in some form of artificial companionship.

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