Jan 4 2011Michelangelo!: NYC Manhole Shooting Sparks


This is a video of a manhole in New York City shooting sparks and flames like the Ninja Turtles decided their swords and sticks were too oldschool and upgraded to flamethrowers and lightning-launchers. It sounds like somebody popping popcorn though, so I wouldn't be surprised if Michelangelo put a metal mixing-bowl full of weed in the microwave hoping to hotbox Mr. Splinter's kitchen and get April high enough TO MESS AROUND WITH A MUTANT TURTLE. A teenage one.

Redditor dbs176 says: "So a manhole I was walking next to exploded into a 15' tower of flames in the middle of a busy NYC street. Good thing I took a video."

heatyweatywoo chimes in with a possible explanation: "I have a hunch this is an underground power transformer, or a severed cable hitting water and naturally occurring gas"

Whatever it was, I think we can all agree it's not the first time I've ever seen a manhole shooting sparks. Get it? 4th of July, 2007 -- My buddy Dave held a Roman Candle between his buttcheeks!

Hit the jump for a video of the devil trying to escape the subway.

Well This Is Something You Don't See Every Day of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Alan and Ferrous, who both would've barrel-rolled down the nearest sewer drain and joined in the foray.

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Reader Comments


@ 1
It can't be fireworks, because the smoke seems blackish and too much for it to be fireworks.
It might be what the guy mentioned in his description.

I Would'nt stay close to that thing.

but what did it smell like, that's what i want to know

@ 4 i'm with you i bet that smelled like fresh-baked bread

I heard that it was Selena Gomez touching the Beiber where he pees from...

Efficient rat extermination ...

Noooooooooo !! Master Splinteeeeeeeeeeer !!!!

Well, I guess TMNT have some food for a while.

New York, the new Gomorrah.

@4 I was in a manshole once and it smelled like poop.

Back me up gaysex Scott!

Im gonna go with under ground transformer here, i swear i can hear the electricity a flowin'.

Who the fuck is Mr. Splinter? I know I've heard of Master Splinter.

Armageddon!! Watch for flying gerbils!!


I almost walked into a bar called the exploding manhole until I realized I was in France

Man, that alligator is pissed! And maybe evolved into a dragon.

Who you gonna call?

lick it

reason # 322342 why to never live in new york

@9 =Win.

I await the edited video with TMNT rocketing out of the manhole.

this has to be a transformer blowing up, you can tell by the electrical buzzing sound and the purplish blue flashing light.

It's the portal to hell

Now you've watched the video, try and imagine someone a block away or somthing, sitting on his toilet with the worst ever stomach problems, blasting it out.

Now watch the video again.

i heard my name...

haven't been around much lately

glad to see jojodrum is carrying the gay sex torch

I am fairly certain that this is an arc fault. It could be coming from a subway power distribution system, or mains power grid. I've explored many utility tunnels, and I have never seen a manhole that opens directly into a transformer vault. The arcing could be from the transmission lines themselves.
There is one way to find out: convince one really, really drunk dude to jump down in there. If he's vaporized instantly, you'd still have no idea, but it would be funny.

...on the set of C.H.U.D. 3....

Again.. originally posted on reddit. The OP and comments explained what it was.

damn it michelangelo your flooding the damn van

it's just an electrical fire PSE&G will just shut off the power and it will go out

The futurama mutants are making popcorn, no biggie.

woohoo dragons are back in NY!


That's a lot of Gremlins!

It's not an electrical fault.

definetly sounsds eletrical, probly a transformer blowing up

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