Jan 3 2011WHAT, NO SIDE OF WORLD DOMINATION?!: The Stewie Griffin Burger


The Stewie Griffin is a dried up lookin' cow turd of a hamburger that resembles the youngest member of the Family Guy household. Reminds me of a school cafeteria burger. Haha, no, not because of the face, but because you can actually see the gristle. Which reminds me: you remember that lunch-lady that had the mole with the hair growing out of it? Well one day (a Taco Tuesday if I'm not mistaken), the hair was gone. Needless to say I convinced myself it was in the cheese sauce and went hungry that day. Didn't even drink my chocolate milk. You know shit's gone south if GW ain't drinkin' his chocolate milk! Remember kids: strong bones are brown bones.

Hit the jump for a closeup of his gristly-ass face.


Burger #230 - Stewie Griffin [everythingburger]
Stewie Griffin Burger [foodbeast]

Thanks to Porterhouse Pete, who once got so drunk he peed in his dresser and then tried to blame the dryer for not drying his clothes. Also, one time he peed on another roommate's door thinking he was in the bathroom while dude was in there getting it on with a lady and saw urine start seeping under the door. HAHA, last time a friend sends a tip!

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Reader Comments

Everyone who posts below me agrees that he is a noob:D

In Soviet Russia - Food looks at you!

Looks like Stewie died in a fire! :o

This warranted a feature?? This isn't anything that any one of us couldn't create in a literal minute after making a hamburger. I need to start sending in some more tips, I guess, because this is pretty damn weak.

wow, stop being such a lil wiener. i can hear your high pitched whining from all the way over here

I agree with NES


This is just ridiculous GW GET SOME PU$$Y already, Nothing has been the same since the divorce

sometimes I dont even know why I bother coming here

@ 6 nobody likes a whiner. or a goatblower. thats 2 strikes. did you send in tips? GW- keep doing what you doing, hatas gonna hate (and choke down wieners)


who the fuck still watches family guy? doesnt look like stevie

Family Guy. Worst. Sitcom. Ever. Best thing that ever happened to it was when South Park ripped it for being written by manatees in an aquarium. Which actually was an insult to manatees. Even they wouldn't stoop so low to write for Family Guy. American Dad, maybe.

For those who never saw the SP episode:

@10 I love you! totally agree.

Uh... that's no burger folks

...is it 1999 all of a sudden?

#11, as long as you're clean, throw me all the love you want. Or money. That's works too.

Wow #6 you seem genuinely pissed same with #10. I can understand not liking a show, that is fine. To go as far as to call it the worst ever...I don't know about that, don't forget about Cop Rock, The Nanny and Veronica's closet with that cow of a woman Kristi alley.

As for ripping on GW, you really don't have to visit the site, or read all posts...To go as far as to get angry about it is a bit ridiculous. Angry over a website, you sir sound like troll bait. Even worst to get angry over a post about a burger. Your ranting and crying over a post on a little web blog and your saying GW needs to get pussy? The irony is just to great.

If the GW hadn't told me that this was Stewie Griffin, I'd never have known. I would have thought that it was just some random person that was created in burger format.

As far as FG's merits go, I'm not a huge fan of the show but I'll still watch. I just get irritated that so many of the jokes are repetitive and unimaginative. For every one good joke, there's about 5-6 that aren't and it isn't because I'm not in their target audience.

Dang, now I want a burger. I'll have to go swing by Sheetz on my way home tonight.

that ain't gristle, it's onion and garlic grilled inside the patty. I like a little char on my burger

Is this real life?


...do i spot a rendition of American Gothic on that toasted honey wheat slice...

FAIL. Heres Why:

In the later episodes of Family Guy, stewie does not seek world domination, but instead has a new personality of being homosexual.

The early episodes you will catch stewie always seeking world domination and yelling out "victory is mine", but that is only in the first have of the show's life.

Watch the first family guy episode, and then one of the newest ones that clearly shows how stewie has changed.

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