Jan 21 2011Frosty The Snowman Travels 5,314 Miles In Super-Insulated Box To Treat Desert-Dwelling Children in Bahrain To First Feel Of Snow


But you know Frosty's claustrophobic!

Remember the first time you touched snow? I don't. I do remember the first time I packed a snowball with a dog turd in it though, so that's something. Something that hit my little sister in the back of the head and got me grounded!

Panasonic held a contest on where it looked for ideas that spawned a mission to let some kids in Bahrain see snow for the first time. Panasonic used some of its cool high-tech vacuum insulation, packed a snowman away inside a box, and put it on a plane to start its 5,314-mile journey to the desert and the waiting kids.

As Frosty started to melt, the kids got to have snowball fights and build their own mini snowmen too.

Pretty cool, right? There's several more pictures of Frosty and the kids after the jump, which, while heartwarming (and snowmelting!), are nowhere near as interesting as the fact that not one but TWO of the Bahraini children are wearing Spongebob Squarepants shirts. SHIIIIIIIIT -- YA'LL GET DOWN WITH KRABBY PATTIES TOO?!

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A Snowman in the Desert [technabob]

Thanks to April, who has the power to bring May flowers every time she bathes. Impressive!

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its a fake, obviously, im a first, obviously.

i was lying, obviously.


Well, thats pretty neat!

Wouldn't it be easier to just make some snow there, rather than ship a box of it?

I think the point was to show the " cool high-tech vacuum insulation" shit...

Even though this probably cost way, way too much for just a few kids to touch snow for the first time, this made my day.

The snowman has a perfectly spherical head, just like Tom Barczak!!!!!!

@6 You need cold weather to make snow in which it would be a cold day in hell.

Doesn't Bahrain have an indoor ski facility. Nevermind, that's for the rich mofo's

But did they make it Bah Rain??
Ahhh thankyouverymuch.
I will be here all week.
Please try the veal.

My 15 year old coffee mug has "cool high-tech vacuum insulation". I guess making the snow on site doesn't have the same feel-good ring to it that shipping a fully formed snowman does.

and @10, no you do not need cold weather to make artificial snow.

a spy disguied as a snowman.... clever.

of course they ate it afterwards


And they killed that evil motherfucker with heat vision

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

Snow is all fine and good until you have to shovel it.. then it becomes a real pain in the arse.

nice carbon footprint

again, this site is no more than a window display for commercial products

yep, that's my brother there. i'm so proud of him...

It would have been cooler if they took those kids somewhere to see real snow!

Why did they just go to the local Bahrain Walmart and pick up a snow cone machine....Look kids, SNOW!!

Or just go into their busted ass freezers and grab that huge chuck of snow/ice off the ice cube maker that has formed.....Look poor ass kids, SNOW!!

Or just gather a pile of rocks and spray paint them white...Look dumb ass kids, SNOW!!

LAME! A real snowman has three sections, stick arms and a carrot nose.

Looking at the sand dunes, I'm going to guess these kids have never seen a stick or a carrot either. Who wants to mail them a tree and some carrots in one of our miracle-technology cardboard boxes?

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@11 No, thats in Jebal Ali, in Dubai, U.A.E. Down on the southern tip of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is north west of that along the coast, quite some distance away. Bahrain is relatively low-tech compared to Jebal Ali.

Uncle Sam's Navy ftw ^__^

All I can say is damn! What in the hell did that poor snowman do to be sentenced to dead by getting shipped off to some extremely hot middle eastern desert to die!!! What a horrible way for a snowman to die!
Also I'm shocked that they didn't try to steal the snowman and pack it full of explosives to blow up people lol.

Wow!!! Lets waste thousands of dollars just so we can ship a fucking snowman to Bahrain so a few children see it for about 5 minutes before it fucking melts.

Awesome idea and use of fuel and money! Hell I'm sure the snowman was the best thing to bring these poor children who most live in poverty.

I mean it would of been just utterly pointless to bring school books, clothing, food and medical supplies to these kids because those items are just worthless to these kids compared to a fucking snowman that will last a few minutes in the desert sun. I'm sure this" cool high-tech vacuum insulation" is only meant for snowmen and couldn't be used to bring medication or fresh veggies and fruits.

Awww I wanna see them drop snowmen bombs and blow them all to pieces. Wouldn't it be great to kill them with snowman bombs. It would somewhat look it's snowing in the desert. It would be awesome to drop ton of smiling snowmen of doom on these damn sand-(n)igger terrorists. I maybe a Beaver-Beater and never once stepped foot in America but I really hate all those rag heads! Hate me if you want but I don't care.

What a great investment. Douche bags.

@27: Bahrain's children definitely don't live in poverty, I think you're thinking of Africa. I know it's easy to look at these kids in the desert and think OH THEY MUST BE POOR AS SHIT but it's quite the opposite. Please stop stereotyping. =\

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Yay! we didn't bring them food or water but we brought them snow. WOOT!!

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