Jan 18 2011Damn You Brazen!: How To Steal A Laptop


This is a video of some jerk stealing a laptop out of some other dude's bookbag at the Oyster Boy restaurant in the Philippines (I haven't been yet). That's the laptop bookbag with the arrow pointing at it there. Basically the thief just sits down, uses his foot to pull the bag toward him, unzips it, grabs the laptop and skedaddles. Think 'Oceans 11' except with a single Asian kid. The suspect hasn't been caught though so if you have any information ("he looks Filipino!") you're encouraged to notify the authorities. What? Geekologie is huge in the Philippines! Also, my pants (sometimes I stuff my drawls with the website instead of a sock).

Hit the jump and skip to 1:30 to see the thief make his entrance.


Thanks to Richard, who once saw a man attempting to steal a laptop and yelled, "HELP, HELP I'M ON FIRE!!" like you're supposed to. I'm, uh, I'm not sure that's proper protocol.

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Fake! obviously staged

Is the geekologie writer Filipino?

wtf did i just waste my time watchin!?


@5 But a laptop was involved! If this happened to a geek, he'd at least be crying


i would have gouged his eyes out with an oyster knife and stuffed them with deviled eggs.

Wow, nicely done. +1 laptop and an adrenaline rush.

P.S= Im no thief.. But my wife is, i still say "Oh dear, bad you!"
But inside im "Thats my girl!", if it was somthing she totaly got away with.


tss tss...yeah I felt a pino once it was kinda gross or sumpthin...tss tss....

You've Been Hit By
You've Been Hit By A Smooth Criminal

Sad but true, This type of crap happens ALL the time in the Philippines. I caught a few thiefs within the last 15 or so years going back every year. I end up scaring them when they realize I'm not full Filipino and part Hawaiin. Was a smart way of doing it though.

Why the fuck was this video like 3 minutes long? The thief doesn't even show up until 1:30!

@ 10 were you looking for me? because that was Bruce Zeus you were talking to

@ 13 - yeah, I guess you're the type of half douches that visit every year who hangs around night clubs who gropes "exotic" women who would do anything for a dollar in red light districts, or retired military who capitalize on locals outside Manila, or creeps from elite groups who finances provincial college girls. get a life and don't sound like an illiterate racist creep. no place for you here at Geekologie. sad to share interests here with you and I'm here to say I've been to Manila twice and the place is incredible. stayed away from the creepy side of the city, of course, and did not experience anything near muggings.

@14 fucktard
Hence the recommendation:
Hit the jump and skip to 1:30 to see the thief make his entrance.

Can't you read?

At the so called llama (16). I actually am neither of what you said you dumb assumption based amoeba. I go back every year to visit my family (I took care of both my father and mother before they died there in Tagaytay City) so don't spout off like you know who the people are that post. I've been all over Luzon and have seen more than you could have in the 2 visits you did to JUST Manila.

You're the type of troll who feed off this stuff anyway so try again with some other hapless poster and not this one jackass. Uh oh...your panties are in a bunch!

Also llama, when some of your family happens to live in the creepy side of the country (i.e. poverty stricken squatter homes), you see these things happen in both worse and great parts of the cities.

@16: Wait... since when is there no room for illiterate, racist creeps at Geekologie??

What he said!

@9, your wife also steals other mens penis's when you are not paying attention.

Being paranoid helps you keep your laptops.

I kinda think that this was staged. Either way I would bash that assholes head in for stealing my laptop. I hate thieves...

@16 Seems as though you're the illiterate racist puke. You have the troll skills of a 7 year boy who was beatin by his father and thrown out on a curb. Grow a pair and gtfo.

The fuck does this have to do with anything?

God GW, how do you still have a job? I swear to cripes.

just a learned a trick there

WTF? Asians don't know how to crop a fucking video? There's 1:30 before the fucking thief even enters the damn room!

Sorry Im a fucktard, now i read

"Hit the jump and skip to 1:30 to see the thief make his entrance. "

I've seen this happen stateside at barnes and noble before, only the dude just walked up, picked up a laptop, and bounced. I didn't even think anything of it till the actual owner came back from where ever and flipped.


adrenaline rush. wow. you don't know how that feels to get away with something like that. takes fucking balls. It's weird though you look at the guy sitting there and he clearly looks at his bag several times and you think he'd notice it getting further and further away from him, but nope, just keeps on talking while the thief just keeps on walking.

I wouldn't have the balls to do something like that ever. maybe like shop lifting and shit but nothing like this.

My head hit my desk right around the 1:26 mark. If it wasn't for thump that woke me up I would have missed the whole thing.......Jeez

@32 i think he was lookin at the girl's ass

I wish the video included him finding out about his stolen laptop.. would love to see the rage..

The best part of this video is GW's arrow.

Fake&Gay. lol OBVIOUSLY STAGE and Besides Who is dumb enough to actually let that happen? WTH??????? SERIOUSLY . . . . Trollin . . .

Just once I'd like to either see that happen, or have it happen to me, and I catch em in the act...Marlboro Man, I'm with you. Justified fucktard beatdown.

Why is the clip 3:17? Nothing - nothing - happens for the first three minutes. Barely anything happens in the last seventeen seconds either, but that first three minutes...that's three minutes I won't get back. Get to the damn point.

I'm not OK with stealing, but damn that was pretty smooth.



i'm from the philippines. and i love geekologie...

Where is the reaction footage?
This place is becoming like Break.Com - the lite version

Unfortunately, it's not staged. :(
Saw this in the news last night. Criminals these days have thicker hides... >_<

I'm from the Philippines too! I go here daily :p

I think one of the GW's are Filipino.

If this guy were a woman he would have put his bag on the other side of his chair and he sure as hell would have noticed someone taking his bag. That is so bizar his friend didn't notice. It looks so obvious!

That's no arrow.. that's a deathstar!!!


@13 & 16:

Don't think you know the Philippines if you just come here for a visit, stay in a country for more than a year and you can comment away with authority.

Besides, this doesn't just happen in the Philippines, it happens in Rio de Janeiro, Osaka, Johannesburg and Fort Lauderdale.

And yes, this isn't staged.

Thats happened to some of my friends in restaurants and I could never imagine how it could have possibly happened.

Now I know how to prevent that shit.

yes GW, you're big in the Philippines (well, at least on my laptop...which is still in the Philippines so yeah)

i'm from the philippines and unfortunately this kind of fuckery is not rare.
i study in a college where literally just outside the gate you can get mugged and/or knifed so i make sure to be extra careful.
just recently my brother (we study at the same college) lost his wallet while waiting for a bus outside our school. he only found out when he was about to pay for the fare and saw that his bag was open and his wallet was missing. same thing also happened to my friend (except it was a cellphone that she lost).

the guy in the vid should've taken more care. but of course thieves like this one are more often than not products of poverty (which means this is what they do for a living) and they will always find a way to steal your shit.

this is nothing compared to the other news in the philippines where an owner sells his car and was carnapped and he was burned to death. there were several deaths like this for a week here! another was burned within his car...

It's a syndicate / gang called 'Salisi gang.' (Sorry, there's no direct english translation of the word 'salisi' but in Filipino we use that word to describe a missed opportunity, being slick or being unaware)

They're prevalent in Mandaluyong and Pasig area of the Metro, but recently their spreading also all around the metro. Their technique is to steal when you least expect it. For example, you're paying the cashier while she's operating the cash register they'll get that bill.

As a warning, their favorite hang-outs are bars, restaurants, computer shops and ARCADES. They stole my bag while I was busy playing Time Crisis not so long ago. The trick is, do not bring so much stuff with you and be alert. I know it sounds uncomfortable but I always clip my bag while eating. Sort of an alert system if somebody tries to steal my stuff.

Oh, and don't trust the police... police force here is crap!

@Marlboro Man - Dude, that's not staged. I've been a victim of those. And every night on our local news, they have a special segment for CCTV's and usually this 'Salisi Gang' always stars the segment.

There are more morbid CCTV's than this. Like in Sampaloc, Manila. A businessman was mugged by 2 men. He refused to give his necklace, thus shot him dead. They even showed how he was limping for his life.

He was one of the lucky ones. Recently, thieves here not only kill but they either rape you or burn you.

panalo!!! hahaha!

how about flagging a taxi and upon telling your destination to the cab driver, he will confuse you by saying "there's a real bad accident here and there so heavy traffic, we'll go by this route" and sorta crap, then stop somewhere just to get his badass partners on board and good luck to you!

and yeah, you may want to call the police.. for their records on statistics only.. hahaha

That just goes to show how addicting Geekologie is..

Filipinos think they are holier than thou, and this proves they are the scum of the earth. They should be eradicated, becuase they are a disease to humanity!!!

@59 - sorry, not buying that you're actually that stupidly racist. Nice attempt to stir up shit tho.

Am from the Philippines, stuff like this happens a lot, but if you're as careless as the victim in the video, its partially your fault.

If it makes anybody feel better, a lot of thieves who get caught here also get lynched by mobs.

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