Jan 14 2011Cartoon Cosplay: An Anime Burlesque Show


Note: Jump probably NSFW on account of cartoon fantasies coming to life.

Anime characters: they're smokin' hot, amirite? WRONG!! THEY'RE ALL LIKE 12 YOU F***ING SICKOS. "Hello, police? Yeah I've got a whole website of perverts here that need your attention. Oh -- and bring extra tasers." *quick, GW, distract them while the cops get here!* Anyway, the anime-themed show took place at Bordello Bar here in LA (per usual) and the characters and shows they're from are, in this order: Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, Pikachu from Pokemon, Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew, Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist, Trixie from Speed Racer and Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I posted a couple shots of each after the jump, but you'll have to head over to LA Weekly to see them all. *WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!* HAHA -- ENJOY THE CLINK, PERVERTS!
















Devil's Playground Presents Anime Babes [laweekly]
Anime Babes from Sailor Moon to Rei Ayanami: This Isn't Cosplay, This Is Burlesque [laweekly]

Thanks to spotisfocus, who was really hoping for a Faye Valentine in the mix.

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I bet that show would still have been awesome. Burlesque shows are always great to see live. The idea of a anime show isn't too far fetched. I saw a movie themed show that had a muppet sketch in it.

Ugh. I'd rather watch a 70 year old homeless woman go nuts in a mall - rubbing her salty vag with a withered hand and screaming that the children aren't as delicious as they used to be. In other words, hire some models worth watching. Reminds me a of a sad sack strip joint i frequented in bumfuck illinois. Shit level of talent, that's for sure.


Sailor Moon's huge eyes are a big bonner killer. Also, anime sucks.

Slut pikachu is a slut.

That last chick looks at least mid 40's.

Burlesque shows are awesome, but I don't know about this one. That is one scary looking Sailor Moon! Everyone of those girls look like washed up crack whores. Yeah not impressed....

Some one call 903-504-2828 and 903-705-3711 ask whatever or say what ever they will not get made hell they might even joke around with you, it for a thing they did to me they posted my # on 4chan so now its payback......help

i think they're all men

Japan did it first

Pikachu? Why no Yoko from Guren Lagann or Faye from Cowboy bebop? They had to pick PIKACHU

@14 goes to show how much they weighed "anime" with "burlesque" ...they went with the mainstream

How people see anime girls in this light (finding them sexy) is a mental disorder...

wounder if they had to make their own costumes.... that would make more sense.... 0 points go to sailor moon... dont really know who would b the winner in this loser contest XD

I smell cough..Mil..cough MILF...cough cough

Yuck.... Hack.... Cough....Barf....Blahhhh!! WTF! That is horrible and foul! That's not a burlesque show. That is a bunch of old ugly ass dried up grandma's and STD infested crack whores just slipping and tripping on a stage. Man that's ugly. Those can't be women. They look like a bunch of transvestites dressed up as anime characters. If those are real chicks then I don't know. Those are some used up bitches and ugly as f@#$. I bet their vagina's spread open like a grilled cheese sandwich and smells like a dead skunk on a hot summers day. Nasty looking street walking trash. Why GW why?

hmmmmm something's missing. doesnt seem sexy, maybe it's the pictures.

Pikachu needs to hop her fugly ass back into that pokeball and die so that we may never have to see her fugly ass again. Is that a man that's prancing around in a skirt in front of the Mach 5? I swear that's a guy in a skirt! Look at poor Speed Racer face, he's about to hurl! Nothing but a bunch of fugly sluts, grandma's and transvestites. This is going to force me to douche my eyes with bleach to get them some what clean after looking at these fugly dirty sluts. I might have to shoot myself in the head to clean my memory of this too. I'm forever scarred now.

So is burlesque another word for fat disgusting strippers?

I just browsed the pictures from Boobs and Goombas, the Mario burlesque show in Chicago, and honestly in comparison these chicks are all 10s.

everyone is about 50 pounds over weight

Wow guys, really? I think they've all got gorgeous bodies. If you honestly are hoping to end up with something thinner, you're either going to die alone or end up gay. These girls are absolutely stunning, ESPECIALLY compared to most girls you'd see in a cosplay genre. I'm not just being cute, either, I mean, jesus, look at Rei's stomach and tits! She's PRIME.

That said though, Sailor Moon could really stand to get rid of the KAWAII UGUU~ eyes. Come on, girl, that's not attractive...!


@ 23
God, you have poor taste in women.

After a certain age they shouldn't be allowed to perform without age related warnings like "YOUR DANCERS ARE OVER 35 AND NATURAL! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!" or just the old "Severe sag ahead!". I'm going particularly to see 18-26 y.o. babes whippin their tits out, not an aged cosplay journey into the forbidden realm of CANNOT BE UNSEEN. At least this group got their costumes right though, the sci-fi cosplayers (especialy the cow trying to dress up as saumus) were total crap (I'm ignoring the sailor moon one btw, good god that's terrible).

LAWLZ at all the virgins lashing out at women they could never get.

Not one of those chicks is old or fat, and that's a FACT.

@23 Most of the time I respect other peoples opinions, but I can tell that you're somewhat blind and completely wrong in the head to think that those women are respectable and gorgeous. There is nothing attractive about any of those shemale looking broads. Every damn one of those girls look like they have been rode extremely hard and put away wet in a dank basement where they started to grow mold and have various types of insects nesting in their nappy hair and every orifice. Those chicks just crawl with hideousness and disease. I've looked at Rei's stomach and tits. She's about 30 years beyond her prime! I agree with #25's comment saying that you have some poor taste in women. I doubt that I will end up dying alone or end up gay, because I'm married to a very beautiful woman who is truly gorgeous and has an absolutely stunning body and my wife would make every damn one of those girls that you think are so "gorgeous" cry in shame and pure jealousy. Hell those chicks that you think that are so sexy might even jump off a cliff to do us all favor so we wont be cursed to see their ragged used and abused bodies ever again after being blessed by the sight of my wife's vastly superior beauty which I can say proudly is all natural. No I'm not blowing smoke up your ass or anything hell I even think that my wife is way too good for me and that I'm not worthy to be married to such a perfect woman with such great beauty and who has a great personalty. My wife is truly a rare gem, but those girls that you think are so great are nothing but gutter sluts! Sorry but we all think they're ugly so you are out numbered.

fap fap fap fap...oh hellz yeah! i would tap all their asses like theres no tomorrow and then ask for seconds maybe thirds! yup i have no pride no fear ugly or not i would straight up pound all those chicas till i couldnt walk! the one with blue hair is the one i wanna play with! she has some nice tatas. the blue haired chica is older but i can guarantee shes seasoned and will ride ya like a pissed off bull and she looks like she can suck chunky peanut butter thru a straw! i would tap that ass all night long! saddle that mum up i'm taking her for a ride! nottin wrong with being a man-whore! got a std for everyday of the week ha! who wants sum lol! i will trade sum for a hour with your mum! i loves me sum cheap whores!

Trust the fat retards of the internet to be so damn judgemental.

Would be great if they weren't such a bunch of skanky mutts.

I've been to a few burlesque shows, and I've seen pics from others on the GW. This particular burlesque show does not look good. At the very least, they should have decided not to do Pikachu. Because we all know that Jessica Nigri is the gold standard by which all other Pikachus will be judged. And yes, I know that she's cosplay and not burlesque; I believe my point still stands.

Worst sailor moon cosplay ever. Is that b!tch even trying?

A new kind of cosplay. I'm not sure if i like it. I have to see more photos. ^^

The last blue haired girl really doesn't look bad to me. Yeah she is older. But meh. I can go for a cougar I guess. Isn't a big thing. The rest are pretty bad though. But its a burlesque show about anime, what did you expect? As for all the cocks saying they are sluts, we aren't playing Xbox Live right now kids, chill out. They all look like they are solid C's for there ages. Average. Just because they aren't 20 year old-skinny-perfect body girls, doesn't mean they are "whores", "sluts", "gutter sluts?", and "skanky mutts?". All in all, not pick of the litter for sure, but they aren't sluts, at least you couldn't know that. Oh and 23 is a dumb fuck. Also, THE GAME.

@21. Adrienne

I just found the Mario burlesque show you mention and I have to say you're 100% right, these women are stunners compared to the hounds in that.
Google was definitely not my friend by letting me find pics of them..

It's funny how everyone is saying how ugly these chicks are when I dont think they have any chance of scoring with them.


You don't have any chance of scoring with my gran, that doesn't mean she's hot.

@20 obviously someone doesn't know to distinguish between a skinny girl and an overweight girl. calling someone fat is probably the worst insult ever, because most of the time it doesn't even apply to them. lol fail.

and @22 they're only 50 lbs overweight if you think a normal girl should be 70 lbs or less. idiot.

@37 I like how you assume if someone thinks a girl is ugly that immediately qualifies for them having no luck with the girls...

I like anime, so come at me brah, BUT WTF IS THIS??? The pikachu girl looked kinda hot in the first picture...and then...well yeah.

Also props for crappy mainstreamed anime,

ah, towards all with mean comments, YOU KNOW YOU LIKED IT. Shut the fuck it and put away that boner.

Geekologie, u know just how to make me feel like a whore

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

@35 I agree with you there. Yeah these women are older and not all that great looking, well a couple of them are just plain ugly and just because they are ugly that doesn't make them whores, skanky gutter sluts or dried up crack whores. Hell you fools that are talking shit about these women I bet most of you morons are fat pudgy bitches that are ugly as a cows vulva, jobless losers, virgins, zit infested, smells like a roadkill skunk that's sitting in the hot sun, never been touched by a real woman, still live with your mom and couldn't even get a date with one of these ugly girls if you paid them large amounts of money. So you fat bastards stop being so judgmental.

@29 use a condom..... scratch that, use about 30

Ok for some crazy reason when I took a look at those chick this really disturbing thought just popped right into my head and yeah it gave me the shivers. I keep thinking that those chicks vagina's would look like they have been hit by some kind of STD/Nuclear warhead. The way these chicks look make me wonder if their vagina's have been destroyed. Like someone dropped a WMD on their vulva's and now their vag's are horrifically deformed and extremely loose. So loose that they can stretch and wrap their entire labia minora over a Volkswagen. Their vulva's rival the wings of a Boeing 747. Its not right.. Nope....

GW needs to start a banhammer war by the looks of things. Spammers are in every post all the time. I personally would be sitting here refreshing the page for hours saying "come on mother fucker, post, I fuckin dare ya"..

@51...yeah...those sites need a DDOS attack.

I don't know about these woman being bad looking- some of them are damn sexy, but, man, those costumes are SHIT! I usually love the burlesque show costumes, but these are just.... no.

Could there just be a static "what is 4+5" question, that should get rid of most of the spambots and idiots.

And also, who is stupid enough to use real email instead of something like asdjnkr@ssadsaddgs.com

Content is alright, but the technology is from the 90's

they did a very good job tucking their dicks back

These broads think they're frikkin artists. But we all know they're just outspoken hookers that would joik you off by a garbage dump.

This is obvious, but all of you queefs saying these girls ain't hot... You'd choke a baby just to touch them. Fucks.

Bacon. Also, Bill sucks.

@ 53 Papasan

Sorry dude, I didn't realise your mum was one of them.

All you haters are just upset they didn't use 14 yr old girls like in the cartoons.

None of them are Asian.

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Well... we know who the white knights on geekologie are...

If you dont know what I'm talking about search "White knight" on encylopedia dramatica.

Thank you GW,

My eyes now bleed.

Burlesque is pointless.

luckily i think most of you misogynist bastards won't get a chance to procreate, so hopefully your kind will die out soon.

Personally I think this burlesque seems creative and humorous and the women are attractive, but a video would have given a better indication of how good the performance was.

As to why such a post would attract such a huge level of sexist drivel about rotting vaginas etc... I wonder why Geekologie attracts such a lot of cretins. Maybe if you spent less time playing CoD and more time practicing your interpersonal skills you might get laid.

in order from top to bottom... giggity the animes these are from is
tokyo mew mew
fullmetal alchemist
speed racer
neon genesis evangelion

and i realize how nerdy that is but this is geekologie

@62 Grow the fuck up. You're not a white knight. You pretend to be and you're just as bad as the CoD players you bash (who are also scum).

They looked kinda worn out. :(

This would be extremely hot if these women didn't look like they were pulled from behind the counter of the local DMV. I half expected to see C-section scars on at least two of them. Seriously. Did you see Pikachu's teeth? They look like Blade's Edge Mountains.

Dear Devil's Playground,
Get a budget and hire some chicks that are at least 6s or 7s.

Burlesque girls are almost always not great looking. Burlesque is for strippers who get rejected. And that's sad, because some strippers are not that great looking...

these women look like they were hired from a local restroom after they were found passed out from over indulging on donuts.

i wouldnt have sex with any of them, and therefore do not wish to see more flesh than that which shows from a t-shirt and long pants. not even shorts, they lose the right to wear shorts.


It never fails that whenever a story about burlesque comes around, 1,000 mouthbreathers who have never been to a burlesque show start griping that the women aren't getting their dicks hard. Going to a burlesque show wanting to get off is like watching Star Wars for the lightsaber fights; it just marks you as an incurable idiot who has completely missed the point.

If you want to pop a bone, watch porn, and leave burlesque to those of us who know what the fuck we're talking about.

Jeez...quit hating on the ladies. You can tell most of the people calling these chicks unattractive look at WAY too much porn.

Yes for the internet, they wouldn't get near a hot porn star or of a celebrity. BUT for girls you see everyday who love to strip, you'd totally hit on that Piccachu (<- sp?) and Trixie looks like a solid little number too. They're doing this for fun and not all of them look like Dita Von Teese.

Let's face it guys, if you close your laptops for a week and pull up your pants and you saw this show live, most of you would watch the show because a) it's chicks stripping b) you're not as big of assholes in reality than you are on anonymous forums.

They're okay but Mrs. Speed Racer is a little chunky.

@Mike Pants

There's always some idiot who takes something like burlesque WAYYY too seriously and gets all butt hurt if people dare to criticise their little fanboy obsession.

Mike, you seriously need to get a life dude, there is nothing to GET about some dumb chicks in crappy fancy dress flashing their asses.

The Neon Genesis cosplay is one thing but if the Sailor Moon and Pokemon is a little out there and not really creative. AND if your going to do that kind of cosplay a way to look a little less stupid is drop the cardboard "anime' eyes.
and just do a little research too, the Speed Racer one looks completely lazy.

Re: Anyone calling these girls anything but attractive. Go to one of these video game conventions... then go to your Comic Con, Star Wars and Star Trek conventions and take a look around. The only 'Hot" girls there are being paid to be there. You got slim pickins there jerks. Look next to you... there's no girl there. So I'd say they are better than you think they are.

Leave the cosplaying to the Japanese

And this is why anime sucks and weaboos can go die.

i want to burn them with fire

I know that that burlesque is NOT the same as stripping to get some guy's rocks off, but you have to admit that these women are a little... worn.

They're nice, but they do not fit the types of characters they're trying to portray. In a way, seeing 35 year old women with tats and some saggage (not a lot, but it's there) attempt to portray characters that are all about 14-18 year old girls is every bit as bad as watching some 250 pound fattie try to play Sailor Moon or any of the above characters. It just doesn't fit and it gives everything an edge of sadness and desperation.

I know what good burlesque is supposed to look like and this isn't it. Now don't get me wrong- this isn't horrible eye-gouging burlesque, but it is mediocre. The costumes are well thought out but they should have chosen a different pack of girls to do these characters or at the very least should have chosen anime characters to play that aren't known for being extremely young.

Maybe it'd have been better if they did something like Felicia from NightStalkers, Chun-Li, or even Misaki from Evangelion. Characters that are WOMEN, not little girls. The ones they did in this? They're all teenagers and these women have long since passed that stage, making them not only look ancient but look incredibly stupid attempting to burlesque these characters. Any true burlesque artist would tell you that one of the most important parts of burlesque is to CHOOSE A CHARACTER/THEME THAT SUITS YOU AND THE OTHERS PERFORMING. Don't pick something because you think it's cute or because your favorite show happens to be Sailor Moon. Pick something that suits you, your age, and the age/body types of all the girls on stage.

Ummm... I don't think those are "women". They look like transvestites.
Seriously, just look at their faces. (And to me, that somehow makes it creepier.)

ew! why are they all fat?!!!

Pikachu not too bad... Rei also not to bad... the rest was very lost for words... especially Ichigo, dunno wtf happend to sailor moon... As #78 mentioned they could have picked a better thing to cosplay, not the ones that are young girls. I could see Felica being a better choice. As a cosplayer myself I know that you don't have to look exactly like the character itself, but they could have chosen a bit better on who to cosplay -.-;;

UG! i have purple hair and i would have killed to be faye valentine in this awesome show...i went to the star wars show but this one did not spark my interest-no faye no deal LOL!

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