Jan 7 2011Call Of Doodle: The Informational Graphic


Note: This ain't even a tenth of the graphic, click HERE to see the entire thing and get your learn on, soldier! (Knowing is half the battle is the thing)

This is an educational infographic all about the Call of Duty franchise. Now as I'm sure I've told you all before, I'm not allowed to play war games because the violence makes me threaten my neighbor's lives AND I AIN'T GOIN' BACK TO THE CLINK. You know what they do to you in there? Butt things. You ever walked around with your sphincter clutching a shiv for protection? I have, it makes you walk funny. Like a penguin. AND GW AIN'T DOING THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS AGAIN! Same goes for elephant walks. *shudders* Now, where was I? Well, I think I was in the exercise yard the first time it happened. Oh right, in the article. I don't know yo -- it's a Call of Duty infographic, what the hell do you want from me?! *Please don't say 'that ass', please don't say 'that ass', please don't say 'that ass'* "That ass". SON. OF. A.

How Big Is Call of Duty? [milo]

Thanks to Trevor and not the dino you were looking for (I don't believe it!), who have to limit their first-person-shooter gaming to under an hour a day or they start raging out on the TV and breaking things. Wait -- it takes you a whole hour?!

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Reader Comments

First (and i dont care about COD)


Everything you'd ever want to know about a game series you never wanted to know anything about. Wonderful.

This makes me want to cry.

COD 3 is available for consoles too

more proof infographics cannot be trusted

I've never played nor will play the COD series. Currently my shooters are BFH and BF4Free. But I also own BFBC2.

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GW - you cannot put html tags inside the title tag. c'mon

I second Risquitous' sentiment. This DOES make me want to cry. This just goes to show you that millions of people get erections from 3D-rendered military weapons.

THATS AWESOME!!! can you tell me more about the 3 games you mentioned that have nothing to do with the current topic? i have 2 dogs 1 cat and a desk chair by the way

This is the suckiest data gathering and display ever.

The bawbag's bar/dot graph at the bottom don't make any sense. 10 squares = 1.6 2 squares = 0.4

Eff - off

And yet everything post-CoD2 are the shittiest kinds of games the developers broke away from MoH to avoid making.

Too bad it doesn't show many returns there were for World at War and Black Ops. Those 2 games suck ass!!! MW2FTW!

I bought Black Ops because I've never played a COD game, and thought if everyone was playing it, it must be good.

So disappointed by it, and it makes me want to cry knowing I contributed to some of these figures.

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Let me guess MW3 will be released 11/11/2011? 11/11/11

i have blck ops and onestly it is pretty fun but was a little bit of a letdown. rainbow six vegas 2 is a much better type of shooter. dont get mewrong i enjoy shotgunning off limbs but yeah.
also, PS3 FTW!

ok Black ops was the freaking worst mistake i ever spent money on... if it wasnt for the zombies being some what fun i'd give it a rating of 0 i was mislead thinking the game would be like modern warfare 2 just to find out it was a nock off of world at war with modern warfare rip off's.... and the graphics were just awful...

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