Jan 24 2011493 Pokemons Drawn As Anime Girls


Note: This pic only shows like eight or ten (screw you, counting!), click HERE to see all 493 in their full-res glory, GLORY, HALLELUUUUUUUUUJAH!!

This is the first 493 Pokemons re-imagined as cosplaying girls. I don't know who drew it, but suffice it to say they're all kinds of perverted. And not the good kind that wears edible underwear to work and nibbles on them at their desk all day either, oh no -- the BAD kind. Cartoon masturbaters. BATMAN IS WATCHING AND DOES NOT APPROVE. Robin, absolutely.

Cut picture source before Dodekuv sent me the full version (full version origin unknown)

Thanks to Chris 'would totally catch 'em all' G., who may or may yes buy candy in bulk from Costco. And to Dodekuv (who was kind enough to send me the full version), who only practices catch and release BECAUSE HE'S A RESPONSIBLE POKEMONER.

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Reader Comments

This stuff is stupid.


Diglett - 3 sum , im in

I'm in love. <3

do not find hot but good job nonetheless

@3 That's dugtrio.

good art, and interesting idea, but why did you have to throw in the uber pervy spin on some?

(GW of course airs the pervy-est ones as his picture)

Where is the rest?

Sent you a PM Geekologie writer, Get back to me for info.

Did anyone else notice that there not all girls,lol

don't care, not interested.

animate them and have them have sex with tentacle monsters, then I'll acknowledge a worthwhile effort. Still won't watch it though, cuz I'm not japanese.

Soooo, where's the other 89?

Where the fuck is Pikachu

this is dumb, better look at this


Here's the link to all 493 that were drawn in this style.


You're welcome :)

did GW switch the pic because of the pervyness?

Thats what I call a "Poke Me Mon" now. ahh yeah! swish!

Just a to put it out there, the word pokemon is singular and plural.

"493 pokemons" sounds stupid.

I see some Azumangah Diaoh up in this bitch, 446 has Chiyos "dad".

381 looks like a guy O_O


There a 150, 151 maybe :P

(Never did get why MewTWO was before mew...)

Also, I seem to remember one pokémon actually had different forms for each gender? How'd they do that in animé girls? (link won't work for me or I'd look)

I have to say, they did a good job with Lickitung, that one could've been REALLY weird...

If those were resin statues they would probably sell at a decent price. Why must the majority of people always put a perverted spin on everything. Have fun in pedophile hell retards.

Love then. Like that there were some hot ones, not all, cool, BUT NINETAILS SHOULDA BEEN WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY HOTTER

lol rule 63

Hate Pokemon! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

Cute, could make halloween costumes out of the concepts. +1

So sick of the pedo... I mean 'anime' trend

It's pronounced Moe'...

this is not star wars related

whats with Japan and pedophilia ??

Why does the image not load? This happening to others?

did the picture get taken down?

read post number 15, that one worked.

Gotta catch em all, gotta catch em ALLL!!! (training them sounds so much more fun now....)

Hmmm....looks like something from Pedobear's Anime gallery.....and I only know from stalking him that one time. And yes, I had to bleach my eyes and brain.

Maybe link to the source so I can see the pic instead of having your servers crap out? That'd be great.

At least five of them are drawn as boys, not girls.

At first I was amazed that someone would spend this much time doing something so useless and creepy. But then, Geekologie takes a lot of time, and it's every bit as useless and creepy. To each his own, I guess.

What, does Geekologie not credit the sources of their posts? Holy plagiarism, Batman.


i think someone forgot to finish spearow's skirt

If anyone's interested, I did some homework on this one:

The following male-only pokemon were also cosplayed by guys here: 32~34 (Nidoran♂, Nidorino, Nidoking), 381 (Latios), 414 (Mothim), and 475 (Gallade).

The following male-only pokemon were instead cosplayed by girls: 106 and 107 (Hitmonlee and Hitomonchan), 128 (Tauros), 236 and 237 (Tyrogue and Hitmontop), and 313 (Volbeat).


^^ yeay, have fun guys


@ 41 and 45 Comics alliance took the picture from Geekologie it says so in their article.


""Spotted on Geekologie, all 493 Sexy Pokemon Girls are featured in a single massive image, and be advised before you click: the full-sized version is huge"""

GW even mentions the full pic was sent to him by somebody and he doesnt know the OP comes from. learn to read and not just look at pictures!

Any time I try and veiw the
"Note: This pic only shows like eight or ten (screw you, counting!), click HERE to see all 493 in their full-res glory, GLORY, HALLELUUUUUUUUUJAH!!"
To see them all I jest get a big blank page, no image.

I have Already that since a very looong time....how abot the the 5th generation? i wanna see all the 649 pokemons!

Am I one of the few people that think these pokemon anime girls are a lot more on the cute side then being hot. And no I don't think the lolis are hot!

The image link doesn't load right :/ Anyone have a full-size version of it?

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