Jan 3 20114-Year Old Narrates Her Dad Playing Starcraft


This is a video of a 4-year old girl (who sounds suspiciously like the 'Kittens Inspired by Kittens' girl, despite Dorspite what my awesome Photoshop skills would lead you to believe) narrating while her dad plays Starcraft for 15 minutes. Now I could lie to you and say I listened to the whole thing, but that would make me a liar, and if there's one thing I'm not, it's a liar. Or am I? Yes, pathological. Just kidding! Haha, I've got your head spinned so far around now you probably can't tell which way is up! Also, you look like the girl from The Exorcist. But if you even think about spider-crawling down the stairs backwards and you can bet your devil-lovin' ass I'm taking your head off with an axe. And not a sharp one either -- you're gonna suffer. Plus the weather man said there's a 125% chance I've been drinking so I'll probably miss with the first couple swings and take off an arm and a leg. Hopefully not my own, but stranger things have happened (one time in a bar fight I accidentally kicked myself in the nuts until I passed out).

Hit the jump and skip around for the cuteness.

Little Girls Make StarCraft II Sound Like SweetCraft II [kotaku]

Thanks to Marley and Tartz80, who I've invited to come narrate my life for a day. "He's drinking again." Great job guys.

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Reader Comments


she doesn't know shit.

One day she'll be obsessed with all games that end in "craft".

Aww it would be cuter if she just made up words for what she saw instead of him teaching her. Like the 3 year old describing what she thought star wars was about.

boring, and less cute then expected

Happy birthday, Fraaaaank!

Happy bday GW's brother!

i dont like the overlords either

She just wanted three damned gummy bears you sadistic bastard! Speed it up!

Boring game... Boring video.

O_O OH F*** so this is what it would sound like if the nerd with the hat from robot chicken would sound like if he had a kid




You (Mr. GW) claim you drink, but from the sounds of your posts sometimes (like this one) you sound more as if you're lighting a joint at the beginning and then going nuts.


Maybe kids aren't so bad after all.

Exorcist? No. Dora the Explorer.

dailling the noob knob up to 11...

The fucking zerg player sucks.. they both do really but jesus that game should have been over in 5 minutes.
Fucking nubs.

Starcraft looks sooo terrible.


fuckin annoying

its one reason i will never have kids

that is one boring looking game

This...is the best birth control I've seen in years.

fuckin anoying

it's one reason i will never play starcraft

I think it's cute, but I may be the only one.

No way am I gonna watch this stupid, ugly kid. And her head is HUGE!

I like when I have my 4 y.o. daughter narrate my GTA games... just sayin

"Dad of the month award, for having enough decency to play starcraft 2 and have a child."

Thought this was cute until it turned out the dad's a douche.


In the video (now no longer available to view....what a surprise), he ends up hit his daughter towards the end of the video for not attacking where he wanted her too.

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