Dec 21 2010TIME TO CHANGE THE HISTORY BOOKS: T-Rex, Raptor Relatives Were Plant Eaters


Jurassic Park better change their lunch menu.

In a report that shouldn't surprise anybody who's traveled back in time to have sex with them, numerous species of dinosaurs previously thought to be carnivorous may, in fact, have been herbivorous. Pfft, like I haven't seduced a coelurosaur with a veggie-wrap before.

Lindsay Zanno and Peter Makovicky of the Field Museum in Chicago used statistical analysis to conclude that 90 species of theropod dinosaurs ate a plant-based diet, especially among coelurosaurs, the most bird-like dinosaurs.

Through their analysis, the researchers found that 44 theropod species distributed across six major lineages ate plants and that the ancestor to most feathered dinosaurs and modern birds had probably already stopped eating meat only during the Cretaceous Period, some 145 million to 65 million years ago.

In light of the large number of plant eaters during that period, the carnivorous diet of T Rex, Velociraptor and other meat-eating coelurosaurs should be viewed "more as the exception than the rule," Dr Zanno said.

"It's time to start seeing these animals in a new evolutionary context," Dr Zanno said.

Not only is it time to start seeing these animals in a new evolutionary context, it's time to start seeing them naked in my bed. YOU BETTER BRING AT LEAST ONE THIS YEAR, FAT MAN!

US paleontologists say most bird-like dinosaurs ate plants [theaustralian]

Thanks to Peter, who takes everything these "scientists" say with a grain of salt. Also, the rest of the salt and the margarita it came with.

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I'm sorry. You are a liar.

Louis of


I'm so tired of these paleontologist assholes pretending they know everything. Next they're going to say dinos spoke English...

Maybe tonight wasn't a good night to host a "Dress-yourself-in-lettuce" contest and go back in time to watch dinosaurs.

And by watch I mean get down with a velociraptor

T-Rex was a scavenger.


. . . You guys knows they're making a JP IV, right? Which is porn for GW :D


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I wonder what dinosaur meat would taste like. Steak? Chicken? Fish? Cockroach? What?! Men have to survive somehow!

BULLSHIT!!! First they get rid of pluto, and now Carnivorous dinosaurs were vegetarian pussies??? I call BULLSHIT!!!

What about those who could be omnivores? At least with that it becomes a win-win situation.

This is dumb. T-rex's ate meat and did not have feathers. Why try to change what we all already know is the coolest solution? I don't care what that guy thinks, it was 65 million years ago... I don't have to believe him.

GW, you got the article wrong regarding the T Rex. It says there 'with the notable exception of dedicated hunters such as Tyrannosaurus Rex', so they're not saying the T Rex was a plant eater. The sentence 'the carnivorous diet of T Rex, Velociraptor and other meat-eating coelurosaurs should be viewed more as the exception than the rule' doesn't mean that within the diet of the T Rex, eating meat was the exception but that within the coelurosaurs the T Rex and Velociraptor with their carnivorous diets are an exception.

Yes, what aadsfdsb said. Statistical analysis, my butt. Vegetarians don't have teeth like that. They'd literally have to choke down a salad.

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Who cares.. the two you listed in the title were meat eaters. Sensationalist.. how about you try just posting stories that don't suck?

Yeah but we have birds today that eat meat and hunt rodents as prey so it is possible they just ate both meat and plants. Bitches be hungry.

#4 - totally agree

I think they totally make this shit up as they go along. Dinos are cold-blooded! Wait, now they're WARM blooded. Hold on... they all have FEATHERS now!

Lets put the scientist in the middle of a starving Trex nest and see how many vegetables they eat. This is Straight up Bull. I fon't believe what Scientist say half the time.

I learned everything I know about dinosaurs from the land before time part I throught part XXX. Based on those movies this is wrong. T-rex's only eat protagonists.

Would that make them...protagivores?

@15 GW didn't say T-Rex was a vegitarian.. he said his relatives were. Re-read the headline..

T-Rex, Raptor Relatives Were Plant Eaters

I sincerely believe scientists are now in a bitter battle with Hollywood to see who can more quickly ruin our childhood memories.

The article doesn't say T-Rex and Chums were plant eaters, it says 90% of dino species were plant eaters and T-Rex and the Velocoraptors were the exception to the rule, IE they ate meat.

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