Dec 30 2010I'd Rather Not Learn: Korean Robot Teachers


Seen here wondering why a Hermione Granger Weeble-Wobble just stole their souls, a group of South Korean students are exposed to an experimental robot aimed at teaching them English. Or -- OR -- is it aimed at their eyeballs with a laser blaster?

Engkey, a white, egg-shaped robot developed by the Korea Institute of Science of Technology (KIST), began taking classes Monday at 21 elementary schools in the southeastern city of Daegu.

The robots, which display an avatar face of a Caucasian woman, are controlled remotely by teachers of English in the Philippines -- who can see and hear the children via a remote control system.

Cameras detect the Filipino teachers' facial expressions and instantly reflect them on the avatar's face, said Sagong Seong-Dae, a senior scientist at KIST.

"Well-educated, experienced Filipino teachers are far cheaper than their counterparts elsewhere, including South Korea," he told AFP.

So let me get this straight -- Filipino teachers are teaching English to South Korean students via robot. That...sounds complicated. Not unlike the assembly instructions for my new office chair, which is why I'm sitting on a stack of phonebooks. And they said they were obsolete!

S.Korea schools get robot English teachers [yahoonews]

Thanks to Jessica, asdf, Curtis and SaraDevil, who would rather remain uneducated than listen to a robot. I'm with you guys -- my ignorance is bliss!

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Outsourcing teachers. What a great idea! Raising even further the already exceptional quality of our public schools here in America.

Of course we can't outsource school administrators. We still need 3 of them for every student. Hey, they're skilled professionals. They're worth every cent of their $100,000 salaries.

That robot looks fat, just like a real teacher. But the obvious question remains: "can you fuck it"?

Is that Emma Watson as the teacher face?


after coming here for years I GET TO BE FIRST WOOOOOOOOHHH


Of course you can, it's Japan.

@5 wow you fail, it's not like you were even close...I mean if you were second or even third place i could understand the mix up but 5th wow you are the definition of a failure

@6 you need to learn how to read English from this robot

whats funny is they made this robot identical to the real thing, fat white people in America LOL

Safety first...then team work.

They should hire some Hobo off the street of any american city and shipped them to south Korea... they would be cheaper than Fillipîno teachers. Plus they are gonna teach those little c**ks**kers the real useful English.

Also: This site now monitor bad language!! That s**k a** big time!! I hate censorship. To the fa*ot that complain: Just stop reading the comment or go to another f-ing site!!


Japan, Korea, it's all the same.


Wait... so the faces of Filipino teachers are digitally converted to White people? And they're not even allowed in the same classroom as the children?

Are South Koreans just incredibly racist, or is there something about Filipinos that we all should know?

@12 you are very ignorant and it clearly shows you are most likely some trailer trash who has no idea what the difference between China, Korea and Japan is... I feel very sorry for you.

Once we outsource all our teachers like this, and replace truck drivers, waiters, etc. with robots, we will discover that the humans/americans who did those jobs were actually doing something much more important . . . paying the taxes that keep our country afloat. This is the true robot apocalypse, not terminators but slow economic decline into starvation.

Just made gap Years easier.

Louis of

its wierd that they say they're trying to save money why buy a robot when you can buy a web camera that can show the actual teacher's face for less and not some fugly white person face inside an f'in chicken egg then they can pay the teachers a little more

its wierd that they say they're trying to save money why buy a robot when you can buy a web camera that can show the actual teacher's face for less and not some fugly white person face inside an f'in chicken egg then they can pay the teachers a little more

I couldn't tell the difference between Americans and Canadians.... except in South Park.

Note: K-pop is a huge thing in Philippines, and I don't even know why

Look at those kids in the back! They clearly have not been brain-controlled by the egg-bots!....


I'm constantly erasing my Chalboard.

*Sigh* .....Really?

more like, a Hermione Granger Weeble-Wobble just stole their SEOULS

Kill it with FIRE!!!!!

how would they stop kids from fucking around during class... laser maybe?

Face it! Filipinos are teachers! US employs Pinoy teachers and it's concluded that it's better to have Filipino teachers

@19 wish southpark was real to see which is candian or not.....

Koreans invading Philippines because the North Korea will take over their beloved country and they don't have any place to go

It's true, filipino are cheap!
I got three filipino maid to wipe my ass!

dOES someone know here po how can i contact them?

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