Dec 21 2010Paying In Blood: The Credit Card Knife


The credit card knife is a nonfunctional credit card that can fold into a weapon to stab someone and/or open annoying clamshell packaging. Just don't lose a finger! Lose two. Fun fact: I've never dated a girl with more than eight fingers. Haha, I've never actually dated a girl -- only women. Just kidding, I'm gonna die sad and alone. And, knowing my luck, with my penis in the vacuum.

It weighs just 13 grams, is only 2mm thick and features a stainless steel blade with a healthy 65mm cutting edge and a short serrated edge on the opposite side. When folded away a built-in sheath prevents you from accidentally touching the sharp blade.

They go on sale next month for $23, which I think we can all agree is a small price to pay to be able to, uh, carry a knife in your wallet? I really have no idea. Me? I just carry a little Swiss Army around in my pocket. Literally, there's like a 100,000 tiny men in there tickling my balls. Somebody fire off a tank!

Hit the jump for a 13-second video showing how the knife is folded.

Product Site
CardSharp Folding Credit Card Knife [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Fraggin' Rock, who once accidentally killed a Doozer with friendly fire. For shame.

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Reader Comments

thats tiiigghhttt

First :)

@2 you suck. I've been playing black ops all day, and on Dec. 26, I will use this to murder your dog.

I see no serrations on that whatsoever.

@4 the only serrations you see will be the ones in your body when this knife comes 'a knockin!

Ooh can I sneak this past x-ray machines? What's wrong with wanting to hold a plane hostage with a knife?! Anyone, anyone!? I didn't think so.... Now get me some peanuts, bitch

Too bad is a non-functional credit card... I would have use it to pay for my groceries until it's refused and then... I will have use it to mug my groceries.

That looks like the TSA's worst nightmare... sheesh.

knock knock

i wonder how sturdy the locking mech is.. seems like it wants to fold open in your hand.

"Paying in Blood" that pretty sums it up and made me LOL, thanks G-DUB!!!

I'll take two... thank you.

Money is the root of all KNIFE!!!!

Louis of

TSA will be going through our wallets at any time now.

They have been out for a while in the USA, you can get them here:

Now the thief has a gun..aaaand the knife from the wallet you used to own.

Loooooove to see someone pull that out at some store by accident.
@14: I agree.

did you say plane hijacking ?

That's not a knife!......Heh.


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are you retarded? If you put a knife in your wallet you bet your ass TSA is going to search it. is that some weird privacy stand you're taking? If you put a knife in your wallet, you want the right to not have it searched?

I really want to buy one

Credit card shaped knife - can you use this to hold up an ATM??

Steven Segall already covered this.

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FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. -One for every time 'Sinclair' is stamped on this knife. I can't stand it when someone takes a elegant design, such as this, and then shits all over it with branding. How can anyone not see that that handwritten logo clashes violently with an otherwise sleek design aesthetic? Way to ruin your product Iain Sinclair.

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this is too me...secret blades!

Think before you post FFS. The blade is (obviously) steel and will set off metal detectors. The rest of the knife is plastic, so if you put it through an x-ray the blade is going to show up clear as day. This is not in any way "the TSA's worst nightmare". Jesus.

i'd like to see the TSA pat me down with this.. my junk would cut off their groping fingers. pervs!

this doesn't do anything for tsa, it will go off in a metal detector. however, it won't go off when i build one out of all plastics.

@ 13, correction- the love of money is the root of all knife.

I definitely want one of those!

Every time I've gone through airport security you put your wallet, keys and change in a plastic tray THEN go through the metal detector and the security guy hands you the tray after you go through. Unless that's changed I don't know how this would get picked up by a metal detector.


Go through security again, and this time, keep an eye on that little tray while it's out of your hands. The truth is in the details, particularly the details you left out.

Just put this in your wallet and push it thru with your other metal objects for the tsa agent to inspect and you will get right thru with this knife, and this is just another reason why the tsa is useless, better to have the pilots and maybe even the passengers all armed

@37: If I remember correctly, they send the little tray with your wallet and such through the xray as well, which will expose this little blade before you get too close to the plane.

Am I the only one who thought of Bioshock when i saw "Sinclair"?

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