Dec 29 2010Only The Best And Brightest Here: Geekologie Reader Helps Makes Watergun Flamethrower


Pouring gas in a Super Soaker and adding a flame to the nozzle isn't actually a new idea by any means, but it's still fun to watch. Especially when it was lovingly constructed by Geekologie Readers. *sniff* Sorry, I'm getting a little choked up. You guys just make me so damn proud depressed.

The other day one of my friends told me to come over, saying he wanted to show me "something awesome". What he was making was a wategun full of kerosene with a birthay candle attached to a wire at the front.

None of us died and it worked alot better than we thought it would.

No deaths?! Pfft, and your friend had the gall to claim it was "something awesome"? That's crying wolf if I've ever heard wolf cried! Also, how are you gonna explain the blackened garden shed to your mom when she gets home? Not to mention that poor plant you set ablaze. There was still a little life left in that thing and you took it away *beating on kid's chest* YOU TOOK IT ALL AWAY!

Hit the jump for a 1:00 flamin' hot demo. Great, now I want Cheetos.


Thanks to Roy, who tried using the flamethrower to melt the snow off his drive but ended up setting his legs on fire. Real smooth, buddy.

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HOPEFULLY ITS JUST @1 & 2 IN BOX AFTER BEING CAUGHT FELLATING EACH OTHER otherwise I'd ask someone to go get water

nice one fellas. next time i need to take out a pillbox ill go for my supersoaker.

@2, maybe if you hadn't tried to get in those extra 8 exclamation points, you would've actually been first.

@5 well i tried so thats all can say. and yes i know im now a firstard

Loving his tshirt -.-

@ 3... i feel your pain... i got P***ed off too... if we have to lose so does everyone else... take notice to the shirt of the person in the video at the end... have a nice day.

Combine it with the fridge

Louis of

Reminds me of a boss from dead rising 2.

eh seen better


i just lost the game.

And he used a match ? Really ? You think of making a flamethrower with a water gun and all you can do is tape a match to the end ? Use a mini butane torch for that shit and add a little 2 stroke oil in the gas for better results.

wow... using water to put out a flammable liquid fire

I lost the game

It's too bad, that could easily have been a Darwin Award.

The only reason I am dissapointed is the thing didnt blow up. @13 I believe he used a candle, GW even says so in his post. Get glasses or L2 Read.

i can helps makes things too

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