Dec 8 2010Move Over, Platinum And Gold: Dinosaur Teeth And Meteors -- The New Bling Bling


I hate myself for even using a term like bling bling, ding-a-ling, but I assure you I'll take it out on my liver here in just a little bit. But before the ritualistic alcohol abuse begins, here's a $60K iPhone case made out of t-rex teeth and meteors. Ironic, don't you think? Making a phone case out of sessiest beasts that ever lived and the very thing that killed them? Well I thought so.

Stuart Hughes is back at it again, tricking out iPhones in ridiculously outrageous jewels. His iPhone 4 "HISTORY Edition" is a customization unlike any other we've ever seen.

The back of the HISTORY Edition iPhone 4 isn't cut from glass -- it's made from the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and meteoric stone that's dated back some 65 million years ago.

Hughes is only going to make 10 of these hideous iPhones, with each going for about $62,700. The reason for such a design? Hughes wanted to make something "fierce."

Hey Stewart -- mind if I call you Stewie? No? Too bad. Listen Stewie, if you wanted to make something "fierce", an iPhone IS NOT THE PLATFORM TO BEGIN WITH. I don't care if you wrap the thing in knives and razor wire, IT WILL NEVER BE FIERCE, only painful to answer.

Your iPhone 4 made of glass? Nice, mine is made from a T-Rex's tooth [dvice]

Thanks to Kevin G, blueAlien, tkuper05, Mih0 and frankie, who all have phone cases made with real space technology stripped from alien spaceships that crash-landed here on earth. GTFO!

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Is there a new GW? because if so, he sucks. Also, FIRST.

In a pointless place.

Everybody knows that it ain't shit unless it's Jurassic.

Louis of

Spam @4...........not long now before we get a spam Firstard. Might be a nice change from the current rejects. Yeah im talking to you Rocksheady

@1saying someone else sucks while firstarding your pathetic, unimaginative self is an EPIC LOSS to say the least. There's no cool in front of your name for a reason

@5 @4 is a bot, there's news that geekologie has a plan to rid us of these pesky, rogue scripts running about - but for the time being don't be tricked into thinking someone's actually posting that & checking for responses

(1) it's retarded
(2) it's expensive
(3) attempting popularity

fi they are REALLY using fossils and valuable space rock, is a monument to ignorance!!!! How dare they ...tamper with historical, geological evidence for such a trash Job, making an ass of themselves for displaying this Dumbness achievement...retards.

I really hope is fake,

@6 I agree completely. This is a very sad thing indeed.

Yes, I'm a firstard and an epic failure; however, no one has answered my question: Does anyone else believe that there is a new GW? I'm asking, because his writing style and sense of humour seems to have changed overnight. Has anyone else noticed this?

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IF you have that much money and are interested in obtaining such materials, why not just buy a fossil or piece of a meteroite? Makes no sense to me

fossils are the new bling. its not gold or diamonds but this shit was 65 million years ago and could bite you in half SON!

myself i own a megalodon carch. necklace.

I think its best to have these rare materials to something that can last, for instance a sweet steering wheel, watch, ring, laser pin, or whatever.

hrm, I've always wondered what gold will taste like...maybe I can blow 2 of my paychecks for that 1k brownie and find out.

The dinosaur fossil survived millions of years in the Earth and the space rock traveled millions of miles to get here . . . only ot wind up on a phone that will thrown out in 2 years. Meanwhile silly designer thinks he cool.

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