Dec 9 2010Majora's Mask 'Song Of Healing' Played On Wine Glasses (With Bonus Special Effects!)


This is a video by Youtube user Sp0ntanius playing the 'Song of Healing' medley from the Zelda classic Majora's Mask using nothing but wine glasses. Some he beats on, some he rubs his finger on, none he beats or rubs his wiener on (not in this version anyway). It's really impressive and I highly recommend giving it a watch. Plus he interacts between the nine separate videos by reaching for and pouring into different glasses. Very clever. I tried drawing my own Inception-style dream map so I could comprehend how somebody could even make such a video, but it quickly turned into a doodle of a dinosaur humping the Hollywood sign and I hung it on the fridge. Then I took a couple shots, chugged a beer, and just called a cab so I can take the dogs to the vet. Somebody's gonna steal some cat meds!

Also after the jump: another video of Sp0ntanius playing a stop-motion version of the Palace Theme from Zelda II that still makes my heart fall out my butthole whenever I hear it. Damn you, last palace!

Toast This Zelda Wine Glass Cover [kotaku]

Thanks to wes g, who once rubbed a wine glass until a genie come out. ZOMG, please tell me it granted unlimited booze! Where do you live -- I can be there in five hours.

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Reader Comments

Whaaaat?! überdope!

I don't understand why there isn't more gay sex in this
am I on the wrong site or something?

That kids hair is not nasty enough. Discover shampoo you fucking snowflakes!

What does this have to do with Star Wars?


Zelda FTW.

nice. very well played.
:slow clap:

legend of zelda is better than star wars

legend of zelda is better than star wars

Looks like he does wash his hair @#3
just looks like bedhead, asshole. LAWL

Reminds me of this guy here, wind waker theme unplugged played on a bunch of different instruments

it's awesome :)

editind was nice..well done overall. I especially liked the part with the gay sex.

that song of healing is haunting!

Majora's Mask is a phenomenal game! I adore it.

This guy is a total dick head.

Horribly done and the guy looks like a twat. Fantastic!


that was sort of neat. and a little creapy to watch

Cut your fucking hair!! and who the FUCK played Majora's Mask???!!


I don't understand why he had to pour the water out everywhere. It was cool the first time, but it got annoying after a while.
I give this vid a MEH

What will the gays think of next?

Amazing stuff! All you guys saying it's rubbish need to chill, you couldn't do it :)

Zelda <3

Whoa, I didn't expect all the negativity.

Those were really cool, very well done, lots of planning needed. Thanks for sharing them.

This is awesome!

He's freaking weird.

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I give this 3 out of 3 golden triangles. May Farore bless him


BFD. Mozart composed music for the "glass harp" or "water harp", and even larger instruments based on water filled wine glasses were made at the time. This video is LAME.

Even Pink Floyd used it on "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

Will they do the Brady Bunch song next?

Just kidding leon, the holocaust took a lot of planning too.

I'll ask him to marry me

... nice video. ballin'

Really haters? Very cool. Nice work, and thanks for sharing. I apologize for the internet.

That guy's hot.

this get's the Emily stamp of approval (it's atually valuable, no matter what my grandmother says)

People who have no talent will always bitch, hate and tear stuff down cause they can't do anything more than talk and jerkoff. This video is A+

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