Dec 21 2010Get In There And Bake Me Some Shrooms!: Super Mario Character Kitchen Aprons


Baking: I'm not good at it. Wake-n-baking: I'm an allstar. But when I am doing some actual cooking I usually only cover myself with enough to protect my johnson from any scalding oil (typically a game-worn NBA athletic sock I've pre-stretched over a milk jug). But that's me. Maybe you want a Super Mario apron. Thankfully, Bethany Sew-&-Sew has you covered....with fabric!!!!!!!!1111 You have to contact her to actually get one made, but they each go for around $35 with $5 shipping. Plus you can get child sizes ($20) so your children can share in the baking fun! Don't have any children? Tie them to your cats! Don't have any cats? Steal a neighbor's! Don't have any neighbors? Move out of the woods before you're f***ed by a bear, crazy!

Bethany's Website (with a bunch of other superhero aprons as well)
Custom Kitchenwear of the Day []

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The Princess Peach apron: perfect for the wife who loves baking cakes.

Conversely, the Mario/Luigi aprons are perfect for the wife who enjoys taking your coins, smashing your goomba and kicking your turtle shells.

I'd look mad sexy on those.

You don't bake shrooms they grow under cow shit.

Viking hat...that gives me an idea! I'm gonna make me Asterix's hat! I find those wings absolutley charming!

Whops... absolutely!

@7 When I was a child my older siblings made me bake mushrooms into frozen pizzas and they would eat them and not give any to me and they act really strange for a few hours and it always made me mad becuase they wouldn't share. It wasn't until I was older that I realized what they were doing.

@5 Meant to say @5

ahhhh cartoon land!!!

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