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Geekologie Reader Jason found a Sprint cell phone (presumably at the bar on his way out with 4-6 beautiful womens) and, being the upstanding member of society that he is, contacted Sprint's online customer service in an attempt to return the phone to its rightful owner. This is the exchange that took place. I don't want to ruin it for you, but basically don't ever lose your Sprint phone. Or v-card. I'M SAVING MYSELF FOR DEATH, OKAY?! F***in' love a man with a scythe.

UPDATE: For those of you that are hard of reading, the phone's finder was never asking for the owner's info, he wanted SPRINT to send him a postage-paid box to ship to them, and for THEM to return the phone to it's owner.

Conversation [via email tip]

Thanks Jason, did you try calling 'Mom' or 'Dad' in the phone? I would've told them I was in jail and then hung up!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! charles noooo!

Oh man where did I put my phone;
fuck that's my phone;
It's paid for.

I have never had sex with a man but I did put a cucumber up my @Ss one time and, it was too big!! I was bleeding for a little while, well anyways i felt hurt about it so i made myself a cucumber salad afterwards, I PEEL the cucumber of course! the problem is that now my butt is lose

I'm lollin so hard

not that there was much else the random indian guy on online tech support can do. perhaps advise him to try calling one of the numbers?!

So don't misplace your belongs. Sounds like a good lesson. I'd be much more upset if they gave my contact information to someone that "found" my phone. Why would this be a good thing? If I lose my phone, that's my fault. If I get stalked and raped by someone because they found my phone and sprint gave them my address, that's a different story.

Nothing really surprising here. None of the cell phone companies has the slightest interest in helping lost phones get returned. Apple won't even consider deactivating lost iphones or ipods, even though they already have 100% capability to do so.

This does seem reminiscent of the guy who found the lost iphone prototype, tried to return it, was told to go fuck himself, so sold it, then was arrested.

Well.. at least the service rep was very polite.....

@4 I once found a phone and tried calling one of the numbers, but the people I got were in no way interested in helping, they acted like they didn't know whos number it was (the catch was that they were the persons close family members)!

I don't think any phone company, or any kind company for that matter would be allowed to give away personal info like names and addresses. It sucks that the phone won't get returned but it seems like the only available option.

So Jason couldn't check the phone for contacts or even a recently called number? He could have easily found the owner without calling Sprint.

I don't mean to be so serious.....or do I?.....Hmmm, no, I don't. Semi-serious is as far as I can go without ending up with pee-pants.

this is retarded. first by looking at the transcript, jason has issues and needs riddlin. "??found lost phone" isnt even english. try, "i found a lost phone and the phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx, can you contact the owner?"

or how about trying to dial some of the contacts.

i dont know why jason even bothered, he seemed to want to throw it away from the start. asking multiple times if he could throw it away.

Who lives 2 hours from a Sprint store? A bar-hopping nomad?

Assuming the phone was out of juice (or was locked), he did the best he could and Sprint responded appropriately. I got more of a kick out of Jason's lack of grasp on spelling and punctuation. Grammar Nazis, FTW!

I worked for Sprint 'Escalations Billing' department for 3 years. Sprint is the most stingy, tight assed company in the cell phone business. Any smart person would stay away from them, or at least if you have to use them, use Boost so you can avoid all Sprint horse shit.

I got fired, so I'll tell anyone anything they want to know about them. Fuck Sprint.

@13: I totally want to hear some of that dirt you got on Sprint. I hated them back when they were PCS.

Quick, spill those beans like a drunk Mexican!

ok, bear with me here, i know i'm dumb but, here's my idea: call a couple of the numbers on the phone and tell them you found it. look for "home", "mom", "dad", contacts.
that is, of course, assuming it has at least a couple of numbers on it.


@15 Hi jaime, would you mind posting your "mom" number? I'm bored and she might be able to "give me a hand" with a little something.

@14 The only thing that spills out of a drunk Mexican is the diarrheas.

@6 Really? I left my iphone 4 on the roof of my wifes car just before she drove off to the shops. I rang my provider and they put an outgoing call block on it immediately. Someone found it in the middle of the road, rang a few numbers and i had it back (with just a tiny scuff mark on the cover mind you but otherwise 100% perfect) 3 hours later. I rang my provider and after a 3 min call and 15 mins while they removed the block it was good to go again.

But of course i dont live in Arsemerica. Where i come from we act like humans.

@19 "But of course i dont live in Arsemerica. Where i come from we act like humans." Apparently where you come from you act like immature jackasses...

What about simply mailing the phone back to the Sprint Store, with a letter explaining the situation? It would probably be $5 or so to mail it, and would get you out of a few weeks of Purgatory.

I'm constantly surprised by every new generation of smart phone that has no provisions for an "if found, return to..." screen item that can be accessed if the phone is locked.

It's like you can leave your phone unlocked, and hope people will figure you out, or lock it and you're fucked.

I don't see a problem here, don't lose your phone and don't expect your service provider to give your personal info to strangers.

If I lost my jacket I wouldn't expect Burlington Coat Factory to help a stranger return it to me.

also @#6: iPhone has a built in system for locating and/or shutting your phone down and erasing the info on it from your home computer, so in other words, you're talking out of your ass.

The only person who seems retarded in this scenario is the person who found the phone. Really?? Ask a business with FCC regulations and proprietary information protection laws a customer's address?? And to make fun of the company for not giving out that information??? If they would have given ANYTHING on that person out, this conversation would have been on the news with the title "Sprint Gets Sued."

Although, the responses were kind of silly with what's going on, they totally did their job. I'm glad to see Geekologie wants large companies to give out personal information and if they don't they will slam them for it!

ROFL! You guys are trollin'! Read it again...He wasn't asking for the personal information of the owner of the lost phone, but for the address of the "nearest Sprint store"! And you gotta assume if he was this eager to try to "do a good deed", he would have tried to power on the phone, and call the contacts....I personally would not go to try to buy a random charger to power up a phone that didn't belong to me...just saying...

That is why Wavesecure is on my device.... if I lose / someone steal's my phone then I will enact the the GPS location and then turn on the annoying scream.

If you click Mute it will turn the volume back on full blast.

Lastly a hard to get off case prevents removing the battery...
Welcome to the Now Network.

First of all peopel as stated by #25 he does NOT ask for PERSONAL details but for a company address
Second let's asume that if he is willing to put up with sprint and is able to dial a phone that he would have tried to use the phone. Phone was probably locked and/or empty

I'd be more upset if they did anything else. Because it would be really easy to game them and get an address for anybody if they did give out that information.

I work in the Care and finance services dept at Sprint so thought I'd chime in with a few common misconceptions.

We do not launch a GPS tracking satellite for you when you lose your phone, nor do we currently possess the technology to track them in any way or form.

No manhunt is ordered when it's stolen, you need to talk to the police.

Also, insurance doesn't mean the phone is replaced for free. Unless it's a known manufacturer acknowledged issue, you pay a deductible of $50 or $100 to get a replacement for it regardless of how you broke it. Repairs that can be done are done at your local repair center, free of charge if you have insurance.

And no, we don't have a magical P.O. Box you can send a phone you found to. Why?

1.) That would require hiring more people, for a job they'd hardly ever do.
2.) When a claim is filed the phones can not be reactivated again, ever, so by the time we got them they'd be worthless anyway.
3.) It's not cost effective to pay for office space, staffing, and postage, when 95% of people who find the phones wouldn't lift a finger to go through the process of sending them back to us.
4.) You need to be mindful and look after your own shit.
5.) Why the fuck should we piss away money helping your forgetful ass? We already take a loss from our insurance claims, be grateful we even give you that titty to suck on.

Thanks for choosing Sprint, have a good evening.

I went through the same thing when I found someone's nextel. It had been run over so the screen was broken.. phone still would dial out. It had a memory card so I put it in one of our work phones, but I couldn't get a hold of anyone helpful. I called sprint and just asked them to call the guy to tell them I had the phone so he could at least get his memory card back. They would do no such thing. Got the same line of crap, bring it to the store. Why can't you just call the guy? Luckily he ended up coming back by after he realized his phone was missing.

good thing i have throw away phones and i never input any vital info into them

I agree with number 9. What did this person expect, that Sprint would just give out a customer's information? There's a potential massive lawsuit waiting to happen. If they really were a good Samaritan they would have posted it on Craigslist or (gasp) gone to the Sprint store, as advised.

Actually he was asking for a postage-paid box to mail it to the nearest Sprint store. He'd already clearly stated his nearest Sprint store was 2 hours away, and if he did have an interest in finding a closer one, he would have simply looked in the phone book, or used the store locater on their website. Pretty clear this guy was half-assing this from the start. I'm actually impressed he went to the effort to contact Sprint, since he pretty much offered right away to toss the phone. Perhaps it was this minimal attempt to make himself feel better for keeping the phone for himself.


that's not 5 reasons, that's just 5 different ways of saying the same thing "Sprint doesn't give a fuck".

Nobody expects Sprint to maintain some worldwide network for returning lost cell phones...just have a process to contact the owner if it's know, the way they'll cross hell and earth to contact you if your bill payment is a day late.

@34 You know who else doesn't give a fuck? Everyone, about your BS whining. What a tool.

Please! I little reading comprehension, people! The guy did not ask for the phone company to send him the phone owner's personal address or contact info. He asked for a postage paid package to be sent his way so that he could pack the phone up and send it to the nearest Sprint store.

@36 I saw no whining there, and he makes a point.

Cell phone companies go through absolute hell and back to contact you as much as possible if your payment is late.

You actually sound like the douchey little tool bag. Someone put laxatives in your coffee this morning.

I like how his alternative solution is to throw the phone out. Because obviously turning the phone in to the staff at whichever establishment he was in when he found it isn't a viable option, is it? I know if I lost my phone I'd rather wait three weeks for it to get back to me via mail than retrieve it the very same afternoon just by retracing my steps.

On the bright side, whoever lost their phone now has a shiny new one.

"Should I throw it away? The store is so far away! :..( "

No ass, you should just leave your contact details at the police station nearest to where you found it. If nobody collects it, you get to keep it..

lol that's what i've done, called the person's 'dad' listed on the phone. he was across the country though, so he called someone closer and we arranged to meet.

The agent would never pass a Turing test.

Dude if you can't go to the store to return it leave it with the bar back or mgn so the person who lost it might end up remembering where they where hanging out ruffeed with a dude dressed up as a girl/ he she and lost their phone with brown substains on it that smells like fecil matter and get it back!

Meanwhile, who lives 2 hours away from the nearest Sprint store? Is this bar he found the phone at located in the arctic circle?

Bring the phone back to the bar. The person who lost it will go back to the bar looking and asking for it. Why not give it to the bar staff that night rather than taking it home then throwing it away?

@37 There was no point made. If I open an account with any phone provider, is it my responsibility to keep an eye on my phone or is it their job? Also, if having a phone will cause you to live out of your means and make late payments, you shouldn't have gotten the phone in the first place. This also isn't the phone providers fault.

Take responsibility for your actions, and stop looking for someone to blame.

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