Dec 4 2010Couple Wins Google Lawsuit, Awarded $1


Back in 2008, Pittsburghers Aaron and Christine Boring (*yawn*) began the process of suing Google for invasion of privacy after a Google Street View car trespassed 1,000 feet up their private drive (marked 'NO TRESPASSING') to take pictures. Finally, a settlement has been reached, with the Borings (*Zzzzzzzzzz*) being awarded the life-changing sum of $1. Demand all nickels!

The Borings said in a statement released by Zegarelli that the amount of the judgment isn't the issue.

"This is one sweet dollar of vindication," the statement said. "Google could have just sent us an apology letter in the very beginning, but chose to try to prove they had a legal right to be on our land. We are glad they finally gave up."

Both sides will pay their own attorney fees.

Whoa whoa whoa -- paying your own attorney fees?! So you spent thousands to win a single point-proving dollar? Somebody needs to learn how to pick their battles! Because I'm not gonna lie -- this was a bad one. If this had been a Pokémon battle I would've chosen 'Run'.

Google admits trespassing in Pa., pays couple $1 [newsvine]

Thanks to Bobo Smurfer, Eric and Melissa, who would have sued for a Google treasure map.

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Reader Comments

Don't forget. Attorney gets 40% of that dollar.

first lol i did this on the wii

Is this what my taxes are paying a whole court system for ?!

I propose that instigator should pay for all court cost for such stupid battles!!
We will save millions!!

wow. talk about a missed opportunity. dumbasses

poster #3 is spot on

I doubt paying their own fees is really going to bother them.
They have their own private driveway up to their house!

That dollar doesn't mean they won...It's "awarded" to them so that they can't bring this case to court again because they've already "won" the case.


Its perfect that their last names are the borings.

@2 anyone who uses 'LOL' in their own statement is already demonstrating severe fail... you don't need to fail as a firstard to remind the world how much you suck

Imagine their lawyer. "You're agreeing to settle for one dollar . . . but . . . but . . . but . . . google . . . billion dollar company . . . GAAAAHHHHH!" *head explodes*

i cant even get street view of my road and this happens?!

GW is a coward herding coward. Sheep. Buncha sheep.

If they had rolled over, Google would be driving on lawns and up your ass in the name of "voyeurism" and "doing not evil" or sum-such lie.

The Google streetview van is the eye of sauron you FOOLS!

They just wanted the One Dollar so they could turn invisible.

What some people might not understand is the courtroom concept of setting precedent. Comment #14 is partially correct. If Google had won this case, then they would be allowed to go on anyones private property to take pictures. But with this precedent set, any company could then start going onto your provate property to take pictures for the internet.

This couple did a good thing here. They helped set the precedent to prevent big companies from doing whatever they wanted.

@16 indeed and all free peoples should take note if you feel the need to take action do it immediately because while your rights and powers decline theirs rise

such is the case in any instance of US vs THEM
all men are created equal not all men are equal (provided they offer an equal tribute to the governing body)

Of COURSE IT'S ABOUT THE PRINCIPLE, that's why you sue for one million dollars isn't it? Isn't that what goes through everybodies mind when some big multi-million dollar company violates some bullshit fucking law and you're the "victim". Hell, these people probably didn't even know the van was ever on their property until they google-earthed their own property for shits and giggles. I don't know what's worse, how people are so willing to exploit the court system for personal profit, or how they try to justify their own greed by saying they don't even really want the money, just an "apology". God I hate humanity.

Wait...1$, but...but...fuck!

Forget my statement!


@18 The only victim around here is your mother's diseased vag. Now how's about you be all nice and STFU?

"it's about sending a message"

This case is really important. People have in their minds the idea that the legal system is just for getting rich. In reality it is about preserving rights. One of the oldest tenants of law is the concept of property. The right to enjoy your property, the right to exclude others, the right to exploit your property. What Google did was WRONG.

The BORINGS were fortunate to be in the economic position to stand up for ALL OF US. Because the BORINGS stood up to Google, they have effectively placed a limit on how far Google can waltz up into our lives and expose us to the world.

Because of this case, the next time that Google strides too far into private territory, we have precedent. We have precedent that states that Google is a private company that has no more right to access to my home than any of you.

Those of you who condemn the lawyer who represented the BORINGS do so out of plain ignorance. If the BORINGS did not sue, Google would push further and further into the sphere of our private lives. Where does it end? Do we have to wait until Google has "Window View", or "Shower Cam"? While a slippery slope argument of this nature is speculative at best, it does further the point that Google is neither Omnipotent, or Above the Law. We still have rights. We have many freedoms in this country (believe it or not), and these freedoms include not only "freedoms to" (freedom to speak, freedom to worship your favorite invisible man, freedom to elect your representatives), but also, "freedoms against" (freedom against intrusions of your person and property, freedoms against discrimination, freedoms against Google invading every aspect of your life to further its own agenda).

Lawyers owe a duty, not only to their client, but also to society. Lawyers argue points of law, and in doing so, they define the extent of our rights. Lawyers shape legislation, and because of this case, and the publicity it received, it is foreseeable that laws will be passed, placing explicit limits on Google. Limits that are there to protect YOU.

@1,3,4,5,6,8,11,12,21 you are literally the ones to blame for everything wrong in the world that stems from ignorance and irresponsibility. Keep it up.

Wait, an actual intelligent and not insanely ignorant post? Woa

=_= and this is why we cant have anything nice
i hate humans sooooooooooooooooo much and this just proves my point as to why they are stupid mud apes

All Google employees and their agents can enter your home or other private place and record whatever they want. They walk around festooned with cameras AND recording equipment, peeking under your STALL and under your SKIRT! You cannot stop them and it is a federal offense to even CONSIDER doing so! THEY HAVE CAMERAS MOUNTED ON AIRBORNE BACTERIA AND IN YOUR BLOODSTREAM, CAPTURING YOUR THOUGHTS AND PUTTING THEM ONLINE!! THAT'S WHY EVERYONE IS STARING AT ME, BECAUSE THEY'RE INSIDE MY HEAD THERE INSIDE MY HED MY HEAD MI HEAD AHIYY HEAD ARRR GET OUT THEE HEADDDD!!!!!!!!1##3@%5({?!^6*&56$%6#6!!?!?!

and that, gw, is why you will let other people tread on your rights.

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"7. Miss Cadaverous - December 4, 2010 8:36 PM
I doubt paying their own fees is really going to bother them.
They have their own private driveway up to their house!' "

So how long does a driveway have to be before you consider people not bothered by legal fees?

Hey werewithall

I totally understand how my single facetious sentence on what can be an informal blog has completely contributed to the world's blight. Get the stick out of your ass.

"Whoa whoa whoa -- paying your own attorney fees?! So you spent thousands to win a single point-proving dollar? Somebody needs to learn how to pick their battles! "

Did the Borings mention that they were filthy rich and sued Google because they were BORED?

Wow, I'm a regular joke machine. And by that I mean a machine that tells jokes....really bad ones.

Wow i cant believe that the first commenter who finally got the point was at comment nr 23. Wel done werewithall, and shame on the rest of you.

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