Dec 27 2010*Click Click Click Click Click Click*: Two Guys Race Across US In Google Street View


This is a sad video of two guys racing across the country from San Francisco to New York entirely in Google Street View (presumably because neither has a license). How long does it take? Try 90 hours and 104,000 clicks. Thank God they sped up the video, amirite?! I'm not, I really hope they release the uncut version. What?! I've got a lot of time on my hands! Just kidding, that's blood.

Hit the jump for 90 hours of racing packing into 1:09.


Thanks to Trailertrash, who should invest in some Hefty bags and drag his ass to the curb!

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Reader Comments


thats right bitches. i'm f1rstarded.

Of course they're asian...

Did the guy who took the naps still win the race?

@ 48 seconds they went right past my house

Shouldnt they be playing WoW instead?

This is such a retarded waste of time, that I don't even have a comment.

oh wait...

This is exactly the kind of thing that I want to do when I'm a big boy and am able to retire/fit a stoma bag.

Wow, really? They only managed 32.86mph. That's kinda' sad actually. I figured they'd be going faster.

I just moved from Southern Connecticut to San Francisco two weeks ago. It took me less time to move with my U-Haul and trailer hitch w/ car than their race.

What has 4 thumbs and has never kissed a woman? Those Guys.

those japanese duo is awesome.

And they even had the guts to add some "edgy" music to the video like if it was some really cool thing to do, hahaha

What has no creativity and uses one of the lamest, oldest nerd jokes available? Poster Number 11!

WTF?!?! me and my friends do this all the time people are just now learning about this?

@15 I highly doubt you and your friends take 90 hours out of your time to "race" across America...

Anyone else think it's funny that the guy that kept taking breaks somehow won?

Um, guys? You can use the wheel on your mouse, it's much faster and it doesn't hurt after using thousands of times like you did. That's how I activate my killstreak rewards on COD 4 and Black Ops.

....or just use the arrow keys and press and hold up.

New Era HatsFantastic Read! Looking forward to more! Bookmarked the site and will be back again!

@18 +1 Internets for you for a better comment than mine.

All your streetview are belong to us.

This was cool actually,

What happens when someone doesn't have a girlfriend or friends, or a social life, this happens of course, This should be shown in high schools at computer clubs as a no-life awareness program, I mean, at least the people playing WOW are interacting with others and playing something, all these kids did was click a mouse to see pictures of highways,

THEY did Have a REALLY AWESOME set up though

I bet I can race around the world in less than "30" hours....on Google Maps. :P
*flies off in digital hot-air balloon* Nyahahaha

How is the "game" acctualy playd? Who clicks what?

Wow. Looks pretty boring.

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