Dec 22 2010I Still Want One: Worst Knock-Off Phone Ever


This is knock-off phone whose logo was made to resemble OPPO's. Which it does, loosely. But it also spells poop. So that, combined with the phone's model name, makes it the Poop Love. *brainstorming advertising campaign*

The Poop Love: dropping dueces, not calls.

Nailed it!

Presenting The Poop Phone [crunchgear]
The worst name for a knockoff cellphone, ever [engadget]

Thanks to Zeke, who once broke up with a girl after finding out she carried around a Snot Love. A booger eater? Gross!

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I hate myself... but i could not resist...

anyhow.. yeah i think this would be an upgrade for me..

I think it's the best knock-off. Where do I get one?

It would be an easy transition for iphone users, they're already on a shitty network.

That is one uglyass phone. .

That circle in the middle looks like the head of my electric razor.

Where's my Poop?! Someone stole my Poop! Have you seen my Poop? It's red and has Love written on the bottom.

If you look at it the other way it's dood (redneck spelling of dude?).

Dood! Have you seen my Poop? It's red!

really? "BWAHAHAHAHA!"? seriously?

Red poop could be sign of intestinal bleeding and may be symptom of ulcerative colitis, bacterial infections or colon cancer. Or it could be from eating beets. Call my office in the morning to schedule an appointment and we'll get this red poop thing figured out.

... wow.

it looks like it would be heavy.

Wow, 6 whole posts today, and not even one Star Wars one.

Can I put in a resume? this seems like the job for me.

Look, a swivel camera. I miss my LG VX7000's swivel. All 320x240 resolution of it.


This phone is marketed to people who love to talk sh!t

I've heard that that phone is really shitty.

I would buy one. If for no other reason than I love to collect bootleg stuff because it's hilarious when they do it poorly.

very nice

shouldn't it be "dropping deuces", and not "dropping dueces"?

I bet the service is really crappy.


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