Nov 11 2010Tower Demolition Fail: Why Going With The Lowest Bidder Isn't Always The Best Idea


This is a short video of a tower demolition gone wrong at the Mad River Power Plant in Ohio. Oh boy, if that river was mad before it must be really fuming now. Rage, little river, RAAAAAAAAAGE!!

The planned demolition of the Ohio Edison tower in Ohio in the US went wrong after a malfunction caused the structure to fall in the wrong direction.

The tower brought down power lines, leaving at least 4000 householders without electricity, and sent spectators scurrying for cover.

No one was reported injured.

You know there's a reason why the lowest bidder on a contract is the lowest bidder, right? Because they're gonna cut corners. Did you see the guys setting the explosives? They weren't even wearing hard hats, they were wearing those pirate hats you make out of newspaper! Yeah, and two guys were smoking weed while another one marched around with a stick of dynamite hanging out of his fly like a surrogate penis! Are those really the kind of guys you want blowing up your tower? Absolutely. You can't pay for that kind of entertainment value!

Hit the jump for the tower of terror in action.

Panic as Ohio tower falls in the wrong direction [bbc]

Thanks to David, who once tried fishing with dynamite and accidentally killed a mermaid.

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Reader Comments

Maybe First.. demo go boom

First bad

i liek the screams. And so do you. Admit it.

Did anyone else think it sounded like a strike at a bowling ally @0:26 ?

Glad no one was hurt

that little power line carried 4000 houses?

Fake. The shatters are all wrong.

This is just like the time Freud met a smokin' hot girl and things got more and more intense and out-of-hand and he was really into here and then he realized she had a penis.

@6 Ha... Hahah... I hate people like you.

Damn... I ment 7 not 6...

@8/9 haha you got your haha wrong.

bwahaha, this was like 20 minutes from my house!

First Lebron leaves and now this. Ohio never gets a break. :/

This was on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" last night (therefore I can call OLD, but I won't). As he said, "... and boom goes the dynamite".

much better video

The audio is not fun

If you scrub the play head backwards from .23 to .14 ... it looks like the earth is getting boner!

try it you know you want too

sounds like bowling pins dropping at :27 - :30 secs...oh thats the wires


I hope they mean malfunction of their brains when deciding where to place charges

That was actually kind of creepy how everyone screams than it goes silent.

I go to a school in ohio, and a couple days ago the power went out for a few seconds. related?

This is an hour from where I grew up. Goooo bucks...

This is the opening scene of the new final destination movie.

All those other power lines that were supposed to die but didn't? They're fu*ked.

At first I thought it was an ad for "My first Hello Kitty Demolition-kit" or something.

I lived on the south Texas coast for 25 years going through multiple hurricanes with almost no power loss, and moved to ohio 1 year ago. The power has gone out more than 10 times for reasons like this.

The sound track is better than the picture!

Of course it's in Ohio!!!!!!

Fred Dibnah doing it old school:

why'd they crop the people out?

#14 is right. Much better version @

If it was a taliban, things would have gone right

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Yeah, if there was a building in reach of the tower's fall, they would DEFINITELY have cleared it out. This has to be a fake.


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