Nov 2 2010Tom-Foolery!: Sinking Boat Not Really Sinking


Artist Julien Berthier built a boat that looks like it's perpetually sinking even though it's not. Affectionately (literally) named 'Love Love', the boat is fully functional and Jaws-approved.

The boat has a built-in motor and is able to move around just like any other boat, albeit a boat that will draw a lot more attention than your standard dinghy. It was created by artist Julien Berthier, and he's since taken it out to all sorts of places such as Canary Wharf in London and Normandy, Francy.

First of all, I beg to differ that this boat draws more attention than a standard dinghy. Especially if said (sub)standard dinghy is my own and I'm pointing at it yelling "EVER-BODY, LOOK -- MUH DINGHY'S ON FIRE!" Secondly, Julien, if you built a boat that always looks like it's sinking, how can you tell if it really starts going under? That's some serious "Boy Who Cried Wolf" shit right there. You gonna get sexed by mermen, yo!

Hit the jump for a shot of the boat out of water.


The perpetually capsizing boat freaks out boaters everywhere [dvice]

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I like to party

Long last the robots!

FIRST finally


@1 i like to party also. we should slam dance sometime


It'll be both a riot when people ask him for help the first 100 times and then when they let him drown because nobody will ever even look twice at him after asking him the first 100 times if he needs help

IM ON A BOAT!!!!!!!

as of 10 minutes ago, I own six.

Louis of


Bahaha, Francy.
Anyways, it looks uncomfortable to ride on, not to mention where the fuck do you put the BBQ?!

Video or it never happen

this was on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel last week

all that trouble and he releases 2 photos and no info where its on display? epic fail

To quote bos'un's mate from Gizmodo; "$5.99 will buy a pile of fake rubber vomit, and it's about as entertaining."

Ok this is pretty awesome but where do you put the hookers?

@16 overboard!!!!

Questions: Why is the boat not made up to look like a pirate ship? And Why is said captain not dressed as a zombie pirate?

woow ... Brilliant!

#7 - you make an excellent point.

How much time are well-intentioned people going to waste asking this moron if he needs help? Can you imagine boats far off in the distance speeding towards him because they think he's in a lot of trouble? And when they find out that they were "fooled", they may be less inclined to assist others in the future.

This guy is a cynical, attention-craving moron. Grow the fuck up.

FAKE. The second image (out of the water) shows where the boat ends on the bottom, and in the top image, it is'nt even in the water (only a few inches). I wonder how it's floating, barely touching the water. That thing must weight about a pound.

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Hey Gin, way to literally explain the "boy who cried wolf" joke in the article. I didn't understand what he meant because I'm an idiot.

Fern - it's probably made of styrofoam or something with the mast balancing it. And may I suggest to JChief here that you lighten up a bit? Who says he's out doing anything irresponsible with it, yeesh

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