Nov 9 2010That's It, I'm Moving: Spanish Neighborhood Gets Video Game Inspired Street Names


The Zaragoza suburb of Arcosur is a government-sponsored neighborhood in Northeast Spain designed for younger, first-time home buyers. And, after a round of voting by future homeowners, has decided to name a number of its streets after video game characters (NOT dinosaurs), starting with 'Super Mario Bros Avenue'. There's even gonna be a Zelda one. *Google Mapping* I call dibs on a trailer lot!

Onlookers sporting fake black mustaches cheered. A Mario mascot danced. And a violin and cello duet performed the catchy theme song from the popular Nintendo game as the suburb in Zaragoza, northeast Spain, unveiled "Avenida de Super Mario Bros" Saturday.

But the cartoon plumber character, who turns 25 this year, isn't the only one who will be honored by residents of Arcosur, which is still under construction.

Other planned roads in the neighborhood include streets named for "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Space Invaders" and "The Legend of Zelda."

The government-sponsored Arcosur project aims to build more than 21,000 residences for people ages 20 to 35 who are buying their first homes, he said. Construction began last year.

Pretty cool, right? I'd much rather live on Samus Street or Donkey Kong Drive than the road I do now. And not just because it's unsafe, but I am scared to walk to my car without pretending to talk on my cell phone sharpen a knife.

Spanish neighborhood unveils 'Super Mario' street [cnn]

Thanks to Romeo and hobo stick, who both want to live on Tetris Terrace. Except hobo stick, he's actually cool sleeping on the sidewalk in front of Cactus Taqueira on Vine. Hey, I've met you before! Okay, kicked by accident, but still.

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"...and in unrelated news, Nintendo has filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against the Zaragoza suburb of Arcosur..."

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That's it; You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.


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Avenue of Super Mario Bros?

That's lame. Mario, and the Mario Bros franchise sucks. Where's the "Colossus Caves Court (or just "Adventure" if you're that old-school), the original computer game?

Spaniards don't know shit.

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Now why does that blue critter want it's own street when he already has his own drink-stop? ;D

When they will learn...Bros. is not his name Bros. is brothers, wtf, listen to some spanish videos and they all say, Mario Bros this, Mario Bros that, like Bros was his last or second name D:


Mario is TWENTY-NINE! Not twenty-five. The video game Super Mario Bros. is 25, but the first game Mario appeared in was Donkey Kong, which was 29 years ago.

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