Nov 1 2010Red Shirted 'World of Warcraft' Question Asker Gets Immortalized In Game


Remember that kid at Blizzcon that asked the WoW developers what happened to Falstad Wildhammer and made you realize that, no matter how bad life gets, at least you're not him? Well they decided to include Wildhammer Fact Checker in the game, standing right next to the elusive Falstad! Sadly, this is officially the happiest day of guy's life. It's all downhill from here, buddy!

Picture [mmochampion]

Thanks to Owen, who -- Owen't you glad you're not that guy? I know I am.

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Reader Comments

O0o0o0o Ahhhh

I'm sure this still wont get him laid

I'm number A!

@2, It might get him some cyber sex.

Well done no. 3

This guy is going to reach a even lower level of virginity

@ 4 maybe but it will be WoW sex with goblins, trolls, and a unicorn. In an online orgy of butt sex, redbull and sticky keyboards. It will be the new greatest time of his life

I refuse to watch videos, can someone explain to me why this kid is so interesting?

I knew this was gonna happen. Glad the kid become an npc in the game. ;)

Good job Blizz!

@8 wow there is actually someone less cool the red shirt kid

In short he read one of the WOW nerd sex stories then played the beta of one of the games and the monster thingy "falstad" was not in the game so he asked what happend to him and one of the creators said wasnt "falstad" killed and red shirt guy said no and then used his nerd knowlage powers to pown the creater about his own game.

@8 Just watch the video if you don't get it, if you still don't get it, maybe go read a little, get the brain cells working.

You guys are just jealous!

@ 13 haha you're so right

I'm not gonna lie, I'm Impressed.

This ss was already confirmed as fake, he's not in the game. Not yet anyway.


thats awesome. Congrats to the kid. It finally paid off!

@11 Your knowledge of the english language is lacking, as the correct spelling of knowlage is, get this, KNOWLEDGE!

Poor little gaB weJ

@yeah me neither, flash is dead

To all that are reading this I, TopCat am so sorry for my incorrect spelling of "KNOWLEDGE". You see I am only 8 and I took the day off of school to hang out with all of you. So since my mommy is not here to help me with my spelling I have Shelbon to help me with the big words. Thank you #18 you saved us from thinking I spelled it correctly. Gold star for you. lols ; )

Errors detected - @11 @2 @3 @4 @5 @6 ........fuck it., all of em except for #18. interweb will now explode.

Right. The reason the guy talks so weirdly is that he can hear his own voice reverb back to him through the speakers. Anyone who has tried this will know they start talking slower and slower. It's freaky. Now, the question is still neardy and the dude is a little special, but hey, he is awesome! Hope he reads this! Well done on your ingame char!!

Whatever the case, fake or not, he gets to be proud of his question. I think he made a valid point, sure most of the world doesn't know or care, but that's not the point anyway.

All the world (of warcraft) really wants to know is...can THIS character be killed in game??

If so, might be worth the time sink to resubscribe, level up character, and grab a video of him getting his ass kicked. Maybe the devs weren't being completely "grateful" after all by putting him in the game????????

Red Shirt douche raids FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me?!?!?

No one???

Ok...guess it's back to playing pong then.

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I thought he was awesome for asking that question and I think he's even more awesome for getting a character in WoW!

To those saying this fake, it was CONFIRMED by Blizzard on the forums, it's just not actually in the main beta yet.



Yes make fun of the kid with asperger syndrome.

I still never got my thunderfury, blessed weapon of the windseeker....
Fuck 1.2.2

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