Nov 10 2010Pleasures, Alabama's Drive-Thru Sex Shop


Huntsville, Alabama is best known for four things: Antoine Dodson, Struttin' That Ass, NASA/ The Space & Rocket Center (read: Space Camp) and me spending 10 years of my youth (and one of my recent adulthood) there (well, Madison). My brother and parents still live there. And now Huntsville is back on the map with a drive-thru sex shop that looks suspiciously like my old bank. Wait a minute....I used to make deposits there! You still handing out free suckers?

Pleasures owner Sherri Williams said the store will be the first such store in the country to sell adult toys through a drive-thru window. Items such as toys, lubes and stimulants will be delivered through the drive-thru drawer in a brown paper bag, according to the store's news release.

Williams said Alabama is the last state in the U.S. to have a sex toy ban.

Williams said customers cannot purchase a sex toy unless they fill out a medical questionnaire describing the health-related reasons for their purchase.

The store plans to give away condoms as a public service and will feature an "intimacy clinic" offering weekly seminars and workshops, marriage counseling and a sexual health library, which will feature well-known authors in the field, and an upscale clothing boutique.

"Upscale clothing boutique"? Riiiiiiiiight. Because nothing says Mr. Monopoly like fuzzy handcuffs and a gimp mask. Still, next time I'm back to visit my family you know I'm rolling through that drive-thru. "Oooh oooh oooh -- send a loose dildo through the pneumatic tube!"

Sex toy drive-thru: Alabama shop to offer window service [al]

Thanks to brook, my Huntsville correspondent, for keeping me in the loop. Is the Spy Shop still in business? I need a new bow-tie camera.

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stay classy alabama.

D'oh!! Antoine Dodson link glitch!

Also, my mom runs this shop. She's her own biggest customer.


Leprechauns, GW. Alabama is also known for it's Leprechauns.

Oh dear, I remember this place from when I lived there, think they must have upgraded their facilities. Glad I'm in bigger and better places now >_>

Well, I got to say, we in Madison/Huntsville love to do it big. Hell, I'm sad I'm in Scotland and missing all the fun. I think it's great that instead of reading my local news, I come to Geekologie and find it on your front page. :) At least I'm staying "current"

So how do they imagine people will describe "health-related reasons" for buying a dildo?
Also, is it really illigal to buy dildo's and such in all US states but alabama?

Wait, GW's a red-neck???

"So how do they imagine people will describe "health-related reasons" for buying a dildo? "


Just like that.


Oh Man... ive been in Huntsville for the last 10 years or so permanently and ive lived here most of my life... this store is 6 blocks from my house... wtf is wrong with this state... legalize it and tax it like everything else...

"I'll have the happy-ending meal with a side of nachos"

And Yes, Metro Spy Shop is still up and running and they are actually getting bigger, adding on and such...

Illegal sex toys, medical reasons?! Here you can buy vibrators in a cosmetic store, they're next to the diapers!

Illegal? In my town they sell dildos in the supermarket!

(Yellow ones. 59 cents/lb)

A: Yo, I gots one. Knock knock.
B: Huh, knock knock wut you sayin?
A: Knock knock up yo sister. I ax again, knock knock.
B: Who's the fuk there?
A: Yo mama.
B: Yo mama is nasty.
A: Yo mama is so nasty when she streaks around the block she has to wear a haz-mat suit.
B: Yo mama is so nasty that when she streaks around the block she leaves streaks around the block.
A: Yo mama streaks all day. In her pants.
B: Yo mama leaves streaks on my forehead.

Just imagining my car enter one of those drive thru slots was enough to do the trick. Anyone got any kleenex and some hand sanitizer? Gonna go nappytimez now. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ..........

Wait...last state to legalize that? I live right on the Florida/Alabama boarder and Pensacola, Fl isn't allowed to have any sex shops so they are all on the state line, blocks from my house.

Does someone have their facts wrong?

What exactly is accomplished by the sex toy ban? If it's to preserve our morals then they should ban the internet and tv instead.

Wow... I work for Secrets (another adult shop for those who don't know). I've never had to sit though a seminar or help people with their marriage problems. If anything the only reason that I can see why the shop that I work at is still open is because even if people don't want to admit it they've all got some kinda fetish. As for places banning adult shops... That's just wrong. Are these people not to have sex till after marriage as well? Thank god I live in Cali.

I live in Huntsville/AL and heard about Pleasures moving and setting up the drive-thru on the radio. Never would have thought GW would post something about it.. That's awesome...

ok so if a teenage girl drives up there and wants to buy a dildo what does she put on the form? reason for needing this so very alone

I'm pretty sure that's the old Colonial Bank on University Drive. It's been a few years since I lived in Huntsville, so my memory's fuzzy.

I live in Alabama as well, and to elaborate on the law some people are questioning:

You can sell sex toys galore, as long as they're labeled as "novelty" items/toys.
So there are plenty of sex shops, just none quite like this one.

Also, SO GLAD I have been introduced to "Struttin' That Ass"!

yay, I do buy if she demonstrate every product ...

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Yeah, the Spy Shop is still in business.

Awesome! I live in Huntsville and have been hearing about it, and now it is on my favorite website. Slice-O-Awesome. Thanks ya.


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