Nov 4 2010No, You're Stupid: How Different Smartphone Users View Themselves (And Others)


I have no idea if this is accurate or not. What I do know is I use an iPhone (my only Apple product) and I have NEVER had tits. At least not as big as the girl's in the picture. Well, not after the surgery anyway. But I did used to wear a skirt like that to my tennis tournaments and bend over the net all seductively so the umpire could see my -- what do they call the things you wear under a tennis skirt? Right -- my balls. HEY UMP, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE or do you Love-Love it? Tennis joke!

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry [csectioncomics]
How smartphone users see each other, Android vs. BlackBerry vs. iPhone [androidandme]

Thanks to brook, who carries one of each and uses whichever phone is right for the particular occasion. LOLWUT?! Please tell me you're kidding.

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It's all true...except there should be a line item for "how android uses see iphone users" and it would be a prancing twink homo kneeling at a truck stop glory hole, orally servicing a lineup of every other smartphone users.


I have iPhone and I don't see myself as woman in a pink shirt and skirt. When I want to see myself I just look in the mirror

Also, why do people care so much about what everyone else buys? I don't give a fuck what kind of cell phone any else has.

lol yeah and I am no ginger! how dare they say Android users have no soul! :p

@5 If you are one of the three I would say you are an iPhone owner, even though you definitely don't sound hipster. I only say that because iPhone users can't type for some reason ("cell phone any else has.")

MOVING ON! :P I can definitely agree with that picture and with #2.


I use my Palm. It services all my needs.

I notice it's getting hairy tho.

So according to the chart, Androids think Blackberries are extremely sexxxy?

@5 I agree. I never notice what cell phones other people are using.

Palm for the win!

If you dont really care, why are you posting?

@6 lol just like the chart says you dont see yourself as a ginger

<3 Daisy

@12 I care about assholes bragging about what phone they have or how it's superior to other phones.

Nokia users?

Retro ass Louis of

Most Blackberry users see iPhone (and Mac users) as hipster douche-bags. And I think the iPhone users look at the Blackberry users like the movies 80s business prick.

It's good to point out though that they are both fairly normal and that Android user are soulless gingers.

LMAO that's exactly how I see a blackberry user; an old man.

I see what your saying, but I just don't know if the world is ready for that sort of thing just yet; I mean, what with the recession, World food crisis and a shortage of toothpaste in my local corner shop how am I meant to have time to worry about "yeezy$%5!!" ?

We all have also taken notice of your short but sweet bullet point that the goods are in fact, In stock and I am sure we will act on it pretty quickly (Given the chance).

It is also great to know that 'products are fit for most people', that is very important when I decide to buy a new product...I would like one that is Fit for me.. Fit in a sort of sexy way, of course..

(I had nothing else to input into the argument so figured I would converse with the spambot.)

I don't own any of these, so what am i?

But I do see that blackberries are perfect for a typical documenting/business job.

I am an android user and sure I see myself as a geek as other android users. Actually all android users I know are gamers. iPhone users are seen a douchebags aka "hipsters" for the non tech personas. Blackberry has fallen behind but good for business people.

Now how bout that new windows 7 mobile?

I'm an Android user, and I think it's pretty darn accurate. And 22/Anemone, I'm not a gamer, just a Google fan girl.

Just goes to show that you need talent and wit to write -- unless you're online, then you can be on geekologie! They may even give you a semi-permanent unpaid writing position! Ask GW for more details, and less clothing, if you catch his drift (and you'll be catching much more during the interview process).

HAHAHA That was great!!!

I'm a Nokia user and I see iPhone users like the third girl, Android users like the first guy and blackberries like the dinosaur.

I have an android, and would consider myself a very stupid geek. I enjoy technology but know nothing about it - I can just about build & maintain a computer.

I have a DroidX and love it, haven't seen a Blackberry in a while.

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My wife uses an iPhone 4. Her boobs are much more impressive than the ones in this picture.

I use an Android and I delivery pizza, I'm not sure if I should be laughing or crying about this.

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There is a Dinosrawrr in the picture and GW did not say he is using a blackberry or something like that. How is that???

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I'd say the poster depicts everyone pretty accurately except android users. Android users are viewed as all-powerful gods by everyone.

@24 Thats funny, I'm a gamer AND a Google fan-girl.

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