In Our Darkest Hour, Space-Dragon'll Save Us

November 8, 2010


Just kidding, he's gonna watch us all burn. And you know what? I don't blame him. You know how many people I let in front of me while driving this weekend? A good amount. And you know how many waved to show their appreciation instead of acting like self-entitled @$$holes? A bad amount. I swear I'm *this close* to buying an old truck and rocking everybody's world (and vertebrae). Anyway, Space Dragon -- or maybe it's Space Phoenix. Whatever the case, I don't even want to know what comes out of his black hole after eating a galaxy. I'm talking stuff not even the crew of the Enterprise would want to admit. Shit that could kill a star.

Picture (high-res)

Thanks to Fish Man, who will remain a fish until kissed by a beautiful princess. Ooooooor cut up and made into sushi.

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