Nov 30 2010Hiking The Runway: Teva High Heel Sandals


I honestly didn't know Teva still made sandals. I thought that fad had come and gone years ago. *ahem* You're next, teen paranormal romance! Vampire sex. You girls oughta be ashamed.

Teva sandals are no longer for granola-crunching outdoors types. Now the fashion-conscious adventurer can go straight from the rugged rocks to the black-tie fundraiser without missing a beat.

The heels, an ungodly creation of Teva and NY-based clothing company Grey Ant, are available in two styles: "Worlds Unite" (aka black and white) and "Natural" (aka tan) and retail for the low-low price of $330.00.

I've never owned Tevas but I used to have a pair of Birkenstocks back in the day but my dog ate them. Literally, ate them. Two days later he shat four brass buckles and that was that.

Hit the jump for some action-shots of the heels in use.







Product Site
This Really Exists: The Teva Stiletto [thegloss]
Go Hiking In Style With These Teva Stiletto Heels [consumerist]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who refuses to leave the house in anything less than 6" heels.

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Reader Comments

they look safe to run in

I find them shallow and pedantic...

...Looks like a dude in the pics..

Stiletto... sandals...

Nope. Nothing horrendously unsafe about that idea at all.

damn it thats hot!!

@4 And I'm guessing a Hipster Fag like you would know all about women's shoes. amirite?

wooooooow... those seem like great hiking shoes! ...if you want to fall and plummet to your death of the mountainside, that is.

@3: And what? You have a problem with dudes wearing heels?

Jeff Dunham in Puppet Master. I hope you enjoy that concept folks.

That's THE dumbest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Obama without his teleprompters.

@6 - who the fuck are you cock mastering name stealer? reveal yourself.

I'm looking forward to the mountaineering death related articles stemming from these. It should help boost the average IQ, by eliminating the more stupid of the elements.

@6: Hm, yes. It must be my Hipster-fagness that is giving me such an in-depth knowledge of womens' shoes that I would understand the meaning of a complex term like "stiletto." Ya got me, skippy.

Such an understanding inherently comes from spending time with actual women. It's called being married, or even just having a girlfriend that isn't digital or made of plastic. I'd say you should try it sometime, but I think we both know your chances of that.

@8: ...oh good, the name stealer's back in town again. Lovely.


I have that wheelbarrow. The shabby ones are more monochromatic. You can't tell but I can. I use it to barrow diamonds. From Uranus. Also fireflies.

@13 Actually, I have spent some time with an actual woman ... although I wouldn't call your Mother a woman.

Actually, I prefer hiking in sturdy heels as to normal boots. This is because I focus my weight on the ball of my foot and I end up never falling or stumbling in my climb (where I would have fallen many times with a boot or sneaker).

Am I just weird?

@16: Wasn't the "Mother" thing already played out in the Melting Metal article? I mean, even so, it's just such a cliche at this point, and really shows your lack of creativity or ingenuity. When it boils down to your skill, you're amateurish, at best.

Come on, give me one I haven't seen yet!

@ dragonkatt - what kind of shoes do you wear?

@18 Aww, sorry, Sethypoo - but you're really not worth breaking out the good stuff ... you Mother OTOH.

Hey, hey, hey.... GW.... vampire sex was ALWAYS hot, except before it was with a scary, dangerous, bad ass mofo like Dracula, not a pansy-ass fairy like Edward.

@10 - I agree completely

*opens bag, tosses some bacon on the ground*

*sits back and waits for the show*

@23 Picks up the bacon, slices it thickly, cooks it up in an iron skillet. Scrambles-up a few eggs and diced potatoes and enjoys a great little breakfast before hitting the Hipster Fag Bar for an evening of game of "Hide The Sausage", at which I'm very very v e r y good.

Based on what I've heard women say about highheels, I can't see this as being a product ayone will buy

The tan ones would go great with a camo cocktail dress.

@11 - It is I, your half brother who was lost at sea! I've been turned to the dark side and now seek revenge in the odd form of blog trolling you! HA HA! I WIN AGAIN! sucka!

Oh, fuck you all!

This is porno-in-the-woods garb.

@26 Say "cocktail" again. Nice and slow like.

@16 - You actually didn't need to capitalize "mother" in your last sentence. You were using it as an adjective rather than a proper noun.

You probably also should have phrased it "...although I don't know that we can actually call your mother a woman." instead of "...although I wouldn't call your Mother a woman." Since you *did* in fact just "call" her a woman in the statement directly before.

Just sayin'


@30 - No, "Mother" was indeed used as a proper noun and it is the adjective "woman" which is actually and literally in question - given that, and the expedient nature at which the response was entered your second position is mute.

But thanks for playing.

@31 - no one likes you Richard. So, yea. Your not invited to my birthday party.


The heels or sneakers and/or boots?

@31 - Let's assume his mother's name is "Stacey." Now replace the word "mother" with "Stacey." You can't say "although I wouldn't call your Stacey a woman" because that doesn't make sense. If it doesn't make sense to replace the word "mother" with a name then it's not a proper noun. Logic FTW

(By the way, using an advanced vocabulary in your retort does not make you right. It just makes you sound kind of arrogant and ignorant at the same time.)

@31 - OH YEAH!! I forgot something. All comments on this website (and the Internet in general) are mute. That doesn't make my position moot.

@32 - As the original McBeef, I wholeheartedly agree that this new McBeef should not be invited to anyones birthday party.

Fake and Gay.

If you wear socks with your sandals, it's still granola.

Like they say, "BREAK A LEG."

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NOOOOO!!! GOOOOD WHY!!?! sandals with socks?!? FASHION EMERGENCY!!!

I think they are really cute. I would wear them. If I had $330 to spend on them.

butt ugly and stupid.

these are "hike-heels" hahaha

yeah... its a guy :P

If you're gonna fall off a cliff.. do it in "style"

That's definitely a girl. Look at her knees, which is usually the deciding factor. Also, small arms. Really guys? So sad..

I am so torn as to how I feel about this site. A friend took me here to show me the (ridiculous) shoes. I started reading the posts and initially thought you people were all pathetic, spending so much time using said shoes as a launching pad for discussion or even arguments with people whom they don't know. Then, strangely enough, I got drawn in and started taking sides. I have to agree that mother jokes are way old and that it should not have been capitalized. What prompted me to add here, however, is that I can't believe y'all let the sentence "your not invited to my birthday party" slip by. People who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" are the ones who are going to buy these shoes and use them as shown in the pictures.
I've said my peace.

shoot any bitch u see wearing these!!! that is all Thank you

wut. and the socks, too. It must be a joke. There's no way Teva actually expects to sell any of these.

If being able to run in high heels makes you a prostitute, then what does hiking make you?

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