Nov 12 2010Flamin' Lips: Flame Scallops' Light-Up Lips


Did you know the flame scallop had bioluminescent lips? I did, intimately. But only because I wanted to make Ariel jealous for kissing that hunky porpoise!

This video presented by the Enoshima Aquarium shows the bioluminescent mantle of a flame scallop (Ctenoides ales, a.k.a. noble file clam or electric eye scallop), a bivalve mollusk found around reefs in shallow tropical waters. The purpose of the flashing lips remains a mystery.

Oh man, this reminds me of the time I hooked a car battery up to my love doll to put the "spark" back in our relationship. It worked. Sure she popped and I can't grow a mustache anymore, but I like the boyish look anyways.

Hit the jump for a video of the flaming lips in concert.

Video: Glowing lips of electric flame scallop [pinktentacle]

Thanks to Melissa, who doesn't do light-up lips but will turn the lights off in the bathroom and watch herself crunch into a Wint-O-Green Lifesaver. Fun for all ages. Except 29, I always bite my tongue :(

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Reader Comments

first lol

Interweb first fame yes!!!

BTW, I am a huge fucking loser

no i am not

Actually yes I am, and no one can argue this

the flaming lips in concert


anyone else thinkin those are the lips of a GIANT VAJAYJAY

I'm really bummed it wasn't the actual Flaming Lips.

@7 - I would hope that anyone who see's giant vajayjay lips in that color would run the other way. They will most certainly catch something.

tron lips!

There once was a mollusk named Shelly,
who's red lips were tender and swelly.
I know it sounds weird
but she sported a beard
and her breath was a fishy bit smelly.

Anyone else get the same feeling that the erotic flashing is saying "please insert here" ?

@11 eww


@ 11 LOL

@7. If mine looked like that I'd go see a doctor!

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