Nov 3 2010Do Want: This $4,150 Secret Surveillance Van


Forget luring kids in with candy, with this surveillance van you can make money on the side being a private eye! It comes with everything a creepy man in a van needs, including: AC/DC power, swiveling captain's chair (on tracks!), WOOD PANELING, cell phone, CB radio, sound system, PERISCOPE, audio/video recording equipment, A SHITTER, four wheels AND A BUNCH OF DIALS AND KNOBS!!!11 I know, I should really go into used car sales. Also, back to college and demand my tuition be returned. SO COME ON DOWN TO GW'S USED EMPORIUM WHERE YOU'VE GOT MY PERSONAL GUARANTEE: IF I CAN'T GET YOU IN A GREAT USED CAR, YOU'RE LEAVING IN A TRUNK.*

*32.99% financing for well-qualified buyers during our sign-or-die sales event.

Hit the jump for a ton more pictures of all the amenities.











This is an Awesome Surveillance Van for $4150 [uncoached]

Thanks to Casemander, who actually owns a subterranean spy-tank. GTFO -- built by the mole-people?!

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Reader Comments

It's got everything.

OMFG! First first first! :D

@2 - HH HA HA - you failed worse then naas does at life!

OMG, beautiful. I want so bad.... If only I were rich...

wow, that is some sweet ass shit


That kicks ass. We should all chip in for it!

Im in yr neighborhood, steelin yr wifi.

It really needs a satellite dish on top. And "ACME" painted on the side.

stalkers fer sure....just sayin'

Party Van 2.0

Does it come with pedobear costume?

This is almost cooler than that bush-car

are there enough knobs and dials for it be steampunk? What if you drive it while wearing goggles?

I'd steampunk the crap out of that thing, possibly literally.

realllllllllllly wish there was an actual link to where ever this van is actually being sold. i followed the source to uncoached and it doesn't have any links to the actual sale. really lame. i am actually looking for a car and this is totally in my price range! if someone can find the real link, post please. thanks.

I totally want this!

imagine sitting in the back, you know taking a little doo-doo-da-da

and then someone opens the door

Does it come with a glory hole? That's the deal breaker right there...I gotta have something to stick both my peener's in

This will definitely be my first car.

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