Nov 15 2010Congratulations?: Motorola Droid Pro Wins Award For 'Most Annoying Default Ringtone'


Okay so that's not an actual award. Still, the Motorola Droid Pro come preloaded with the most painful default ringtone your eardrums could imagine. I've embedded the thing below, so hit play and give it a listen. Then, right before you stab yourself in the ears with a pen, recap the pen and put it down. Preferably out of sight ("out of sight, out of ear canal").

Well? I told you it was painful. It sounded like two robots making awkward metallic love, didn't it? If you answered, "yes", congratulations, now we all know you've watched two robots having sex. Point and laugh, everybody, point and laugh.

Droid Pro: Most annoying ringtone ever [androidcentral]

Thanks to Darwin Police, whose default ringtone is some guy on a motorcycle screaming, "hey, watch this!" Famous last words.

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Reader Comments

wow that's annoying. What kinda marketing genius thought that was a good idea?

I guess they were thinking... viral marketing?

I didn't even know the droid pro came out so... mission accomplished?

Who comes up with this awful shit? I could make a better ringtone if I recorded myself dropping a deuce

Why does it remind me the Dinosaur.wav sounds from portal?

Long last the robots!

Hey GW, I Think I just pointed and laughed at you, you perv' !

i can't find the link to hear it =/
where is the link?

That's pretty bad, but I thought it would be the AT&T ringtone. That thing is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Sweet robotic ecstasy.

Holy mother of god, that was awful. I actually thought something was wrong with my damn speakers. On what planet did something think THAT was a good idea?

@7 lol I cant find the link where is it lol great.

Burn it with fire. And mentos.

ow, honestly it sounds like it's broken.

Yeah, but how long can it last on a grill?? We HAVE to know these kind of things, man!!!

You'd think if the first thing that happened during your marketing campaign was something stupid like having to license the name Droid from Lucas, that you'd dump the angle and go with something different. Great job you terminator transformers fuckers!

I wanna hear my ringtone and see if it's as annoying: 401-545-4341

sounds like modem listening to techno

"*zip zap brrrrp rizzle razzle beep bop zzzerrp boop zerk*"

Is that a ring tone, or Bill Cosby describing his wife's lamaze breathing technique for childbirth?

That's the most awful thing I ever heard...and I've heard Fran Drescher have an orgasm.

@18 Or how he describes a robut. Good call btw.

lmao @ 7

why don't you try the legend of zelda? the 64 one's the best

GW, Doesn't that mean you've heard what sound two robots make when they make awkward metallic love? Shouldn't we point and laugh at you?

I just had a mini seizure and popped myself at the same time. Thanks!!

oh wow... i thought some add was running first before the ringtone, but halfway through i realized it WAS the ringtone! jeez, thats annoying!

@18- that made me laugh so hard! xD

I would just think my phone was broken the first time it rang & did that.

It reminds me of that one daft punk song, can't remember what it's called

That the FUCK. Horrible.

I severely dislike motorola's

HELP! I can't decide if I want to have a keyboard, or a touch screen, so I'll do half of each and be useful to NOBODY!

Wow. That's...a ringtone??

I have a ringtone of an Indy Car from the inside as my alarm clock just to piss the wife off :)

to #1: the same marketing geniuses who thought a post apocalyptic robot death world was a great advertisement idea for Android

I got the.droid x and that ringtone comes with it along with other equally annoying glitchy sounding ringtones. They're terrible.

sounds like richie hawton in the mix

That ringtone is a deal breaker. i can't believe someone thaught it was great and got paid to come up with it!

ahhhh the sweet sounds of a robot dying (converts the track into a mp3 and adds it to his touture playlist on his ipod to show to the other robots that one of there own turned on them. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I can't stop laughing, but damn that's annoying! My god it sounds like the damn phone is ready to explode, that or it's the sound a cell phone makes while being crushed to death by Rosie O' Donnell's fat ass! What fool came up with that idea for a ring tone?

Well, I'll have you know GW, It sounded like the terminator having sex with a fax machine, that is so much more normal...

If they ever do a remake or an updated version of Roger Ramjet (and fuck i hope they don't!!) this is what the Solenoid Robots will sound like!

Sounds like a robot having a three way with a fax machine and a dial up card while a dial up cord being shoved up his ass. (Note to self: ask GW if robots actually have asses)

LOL. my dog went crazy when i played this

OMG, I smell a Decepticon!

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ok, that´s just the transformers tone.
or, oooor, the first generation of robots ready for attack!!!

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