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Awesome: Millennium Falcon Window Decal


You've got to admit, for someone from Indiana that's pretty clever. Kidding! I don't actually have anything against Indiana. Now North Dakota -- God, don't even get me started. Psyche, I'm cool with them too. But NOT Montana, Hannah. Really not happy about that whole situation. She's so young but dresses so slutty and sings about really sexual stuff. God, I can't even imagine what it would feel like being that girl's father. Achy breaky heart-y for sure.

Star Wars Rear Window Sticker [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Adrian K, who has a sticker that makes his Mercedes look like a TIE Fighter. Hoho -- working for the dark side, are we?

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  • Justin Eubank

    I know we've all been wanting to know where to get this at.  This is a custom window tint and here is the company in Indianapolis that can do that.

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