Nov 21 20103-Year Old's Amazing TMNT Finger Painting


This video is from 2006 and has over a million views, so you've probably already seen it. I hadn't though, and since it's Sunday, I'm entitled to do whatever I damn well please. Including, and not just limited to, drinking at 9AM. Breakfast never tasted so good! Anyway, this is a video of a 3-year old making the most most amazing Leonardo finger painting you've ever seen. Just watch and be amazed (or don't be, because it looks fake) Then, take a look at your own child with disappointment. Just kidding, he's special in his own way. Remember that time he ate a whole box of crayons? Most kids his age would've vomited after purple.

Hit the jump for the young Da Vinci in action (see what I did there?).


Thanks to Ziggy Smalls, David Bowie and Notorious B.I.G.'s genre-breaking lovechild.

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Reader Comments

sunday first?

Hate to break it to you guy, but that kid's probably autistic.

Hes a robot!

He draws Leonardo, not Michelangelo.

That's amazing, but its Leonardo, not Michaelangelo :)...... my life is full of nothing :)

He isn't autistic, its part of a viral marketing ploy for the new TMNT movie. Go to the website, it has other videos like this one. This was filmed in such a way to give the illusion of the kid painting; cutting away and only showing him adding paint to areas already painted.

i'm not sure how I feel about this...


he's fucking great! also 9!

Dude. That's leonardo. Get your turtles right.

Notice the watch on "his" arm when he's painting....and lack of said watch when it cuts back to the kid.

"Hold your hand like this while I move your hand and make it look like you paint it."

yeah, fake and gay


You cant fool me Benjamin Button!!!

that looks fake...there isnt a single shot of the kid and the painting...its either the kid or hands painting....

look at the final product its super glossy.....that should tell you

hahahahahaha @17 you're totally right. fail

Can somebody say Marla Olmstead. My kid can paint that!

this website is very good, you can go and see

I want him to make me a painting of Lacey Chabert.

father sees potential
puts kid on youtube
forcws kid to paint until he dosnt enjoy it

i agree this is very much fake.....and ill tell you why kids nowadays are to freaking stupid to breath on their own without technology let alone paint a semi a$$ed ninja turtle with out help so there for i call shananagins

This is old, gay, and fake and shit. This may be the worst post of all time.

He's not that good

Nope dot com. Notice you never see his full body when painting. Obviously an adult is holding his arm out of camera view and moving his hands.

This is so stupidly obvious.

you shouldnt post on sundays.

The end product is extremely glossy, as if it were printed out. That is the true give away.

WEEKEND POSTS ARE BACK. Finally GW your back

saying it's fake because the picture looks glossy is retarded. ever heard of glossy paper? or, you know, WET PAINT?

The arm is a prosthetic arm. You can see the stick in some parts of the video. haha

This is a sensitive subject for me. You see, I'm also 3 years old. Daddy moves my fingers, making me type these dumb comments.

The kid is animatronic. He's green-screened, composted into a ray-traced rendered scene. The voices are synthesized. The camera flares and caustics are post-production. It's quality work -- only an expert can see that the shadow's are all wrong.

to the person who said 'hate to break it to you he's probably autistic' you don't know much about the syndrome clearly... of course there's the obvious cases which people confuse as all over problematic but scientists have found they use a larger portion of their brain, and are actually smarter than the average person.

Terrible post! This is just propaganda!
Unless GW is actively advertising for that website, I support no part of this.

i thought this was a little sketchy, then i read the comments, now im pretty sure that this is fake but i enjoyed the video a little. :]


Yeah, he only flys Qantas. Yeah, Qantas.


Yeh, fake. Poor kid is growing up to be tought lying is the way to get ahead.... well it is but still!

"daddy, why are we cheating ? "

Jay! old stale hoaxed news.
This site is SO much better than the other news websites.

SO Obviously fake,


Agent 365 - glossy paper wouldn't hold paint because it has no tooth. also, wet finger paint wouldn't be reflective in the way this is.

NOT TO MENTION - "playmates", the name at the end of the video, is a toy manufacturing company. the same company that makes the toys in the video.

Sure sure, the paint is still wet... 'cos he did it in fucking OILS.

worst camera job ever. find it hard to believe a kid would be using dots in varying sizes, rather than just smearing paint around with his fingers like every other kid does.

@48 Are you talking to me?

fake hand on a stick.

As if further evidence is required: look at the first bit of painting which you see the child do. It is a bit green blob. The next shot of the painting shows a series of dots which create a line - very unlike the first bit of painting we see him do.

every one who says this is fake is just jealous of this kids natural skill. so what if he is better then you at somthing get over it.

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Nah - Well done kid - But I agree - Autism

you can see the hand on a stick at 0:43, also, at 1:26 the left eye was colored in (and parts of the mouth), but later, it's white again. it's a viral marketing ad. just sayin'

I think the biggest giveaway is the hand seen when it paints, the hand never moves from its pose! it always look the same, its like its made of plastic or something

when you see the whole boy painting in the zoomed out scenes, he moves his hand a lot.


1. The kid is retarded and probably still shits his pants.
2. Hand on a stick. Bread that sucker up and deep fry it. Then stick it up your ass for believing that this story is true.
3. End result is a glossy print. Unless that kid has a Kinko's in his pants I don't see this really happening.
4. FU for making waste 60 seconds of my life typing this.

Suck it. Suck it Hard.

lol, reminds me of Kyle XY.. wonder if he has a belly button.

I'm not usually one to comment with "OLD NEWS IS OLD LOLOLOLOL", but it really is true in this case: this video is over four years old, and it's already pretty widely understood to be a bit of advertising fakery for Playmates, the makers of the TMNT toy line (the website at the end reroutes to the Playmates domain). It's really effective in getting the message across -- especially with how much the kid obviously REALLY DOES love the Ninja turtles -- but it's still just trick photography.

A great bit of viral commercialism, nonetheless.

It's interesting that at the end of the video when he holds up the paper, the light that slides across the page is uniform and the paper appears smooth, with no hint of the texture the paint would add to the page.

Light would reflect differently off of the matte finger paints, yet in this video the texture of the light is the same on the blank white areas as it is on the "painted" areas.

Though the kid obviously didn't do it (it's old news, sorry guys), it probably WAS done by someone- the way the light reflects off of it, making some of you think it's a glossy print, is actually pretty typical of watercolours, even when dry.

Ok here Is the proof that it is fake Its a screen capture at 43 secs
sorry GW you FAIL¤t=FAKE.png

well i feel like my life is meaningless

... and we all just watched this....thing :D
epic fail.

if u notice the glare on the painting almost at the end of the clip its a pic not a painting. fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

People saying he has autism don't know what autism is.

fucking bull..its a midget dressed as a kid..his name is juan delatorre..check out his stuff its amazing...

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Look at 1:29 notice the turtles eye?

If it is fake. Then real props goes out to the dude who uses a kids arm as a paintbrush. He's the real genius.

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