Nov 29 20101/18 Scale DeLorean Time Machine Hard Drives


Looking for that perfect gift idea for the Back to the Future fan in your life? How about a 1/18 stainless steel scale model of the DeLorean time machine with a 500GB hard drive stuffed up its trunk? "YES, THAT'S PERFECT!" How about $250? "Hell no, I don't love anybody that much". Ha -- I'm with you, not even myself. Isn't that right, stupid? You know it, ugly!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the product site.




Product Site

Thanks to Shenanigans, JBantha and chris, who

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It should b a monster truck instead of a car!

Is that from the third movie?

Jonathan is gay, please don't be hard on him he is also retarded.

Bit pointless for most people really as I use one for uni and it would break in my bag :(

I wonder if it spins at 8,800 rpm

@6 it does, you'll know it's going that fast when it catches fire

I will use my moster truck to store 1 Tera byte of porn I downloaded!

Damn where did i store my WHEN did i store them?

Does that make your digital family pictures go back to the future? 'Cause that'd be really nifty. My past self would be able to see my present self. So deep.


That is from the third movie where Doc had to use all the crappy 1955 technology to get the Delorean to work after it sat in that cave forever. The tires rotted off and they threw those whip gangster whitewalls on there for good measure.

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This is from the 4th movie where Biff rides from 2019 to 2010 to warn humanity about the coming apocalypse but is so busy banging hot chicks that he only has time to anonymously post a bunch of dumb jokes from the future on Geekologie comments.

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I'll buy it when they have the 2015 version with 1TB storage at at leas 10000 RPM, or straight out SSD.

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Fail #1 = It's from the third movie.
Fail #2 = I'll bet there are no lights or sound effects when the hard drive spins up.

i'll be interested when they fix the above two things.

1.21 gigawatts is very poor power consumption for a hard drive.

You really wan't your hard drive making noises while it's in use?
Even you can't be that stupid.

Pretty cool

It looks cool but...500gb?
They could have done better.

I am going to buy it and download GB to it!

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How is there not a shot of the flux capacitor? It's the most important part!

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OVER PRICED, Hard drive is way too small. Should be at least a 1 GB

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