Yes, Of Course: Plush Hello Kitty Reeboks

October 28, 2010


Hello Kitty Doc Martens not cutting it for you? How about some plush Reeboks? I know, I was *this close* to buying them too before I realized they weren't Pumps. What? Cankles, yo, I need the support!

Hit the jump to see black and white ones.





Hello Kitty Reebok Plush Shoes [kittyhell]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who obviously ordered the black ones to match his fur.

  • Ciara Hill

    Omg i need those shoes :O

  • These shoes are awesome and wonderful. The hello kitty shoes are looking very cool and attractive. How much these shoes cost.

  • howw much for helloo kitty i wantt emm !

  • how much the price hello kitty reebok shoes in up picture? info please :)

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