Oct 12 2010Those w/ Motion Sickness Please Look Away


Stare at the center of the spinner for 30-seconds and then immediately look away from your monitor at your hand. What'd you see? Because I saw my fingers going all nitrous "WAH WAH WAH" on me, and then vomit coming out from under my nose. After that, my eyes got watery. MAGICALZ!

Optical Illusion of the Day [thedailywh.at]

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GW, you've sunk to a new low :c



I think this actually might be the oldest thing on the internet.

But it's still cool.

Old, but fun!


@5 that shouldnt have come out while looking at this..

For some reason that doesn't work for me.

I saw dead people. No wait...no, no I didn't. They were just all swirly.

vini vidi vomiti

this was on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel last week

i prefer LSD

Serius, this whas awesome. Only work for some seconds. Have any of you play predator, i saw every thing like that.

if you haven play it. its like looking in a pipe see forward but things arund it is blury and moved..

I saw Will Ferrell's buldging crotch, jealous?


I'm pretty sure that's pretty accurate. This was the first thing that was ever posted on the Internet. It's that old.

I saw nothing when I looked at my hand but when I turned back to the moniter it went all Videodrome on me. So that's where i left my gun!

Didn't do anything for me... but then again, I don't have depth perception... I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

@15 Dy7lan, Are you a cyclops as well? I also do not have depth perception because I AM a cyclops. Here is a tip. Use rope when securing items down instead of bungee straps. The hooks on the straps sometimes unbend and cause the strap to fly at you eyes. Oh God Flashback, Flashback, MY EYE!
True story.


Ok, that is seriously cool! I keep doing it again and again...I'm such a dork!

@16 jesus i keep flinching now, that story sounds BRUTAAL. i'm sorry to hear that Leela.

my hand is MORPHING DUDE. who cares how old this is - it's new on G-ologie and new to a lot of us readers. again man I can't understate that MY HAND IS FCKIN MORPHIN LIKE POWER RANGERS

This is why I used to have optical illusions as my desktop backgrounds.

This one is more funner

Whooooaaaa... double rainbow all the way...

taking shrooms is so much better

also this is so old. I am usually not one to complain about this, but this honestly has been around for years.

@16 Yeah it was not a good time. Honestly though I don't remember being in that much pain because I think I was in shock. The other guy that was there can give a much more graphic telling. I think he said he watched my eye fill with blood! It's all good now (other than the lack of vision).It happened about 15 years ago.

Sorry I meant @ 19. I am 16! Spent to much time staring at the spirals!

Me sees a star.

I saw the past and you were skipping school.

It's spelled turd.

wth is wrong with you geekologie writer? did you let your niece's crayon-riddled turds post for the day? this site has starting to suck more than it wins lately.

Lol wut? I seriously saw a semi translucent O-ring.


*looks again*

it's like those first few seconds shrooms get all crazy up in your dome piece

my screens all wavy once I looked away from the spinney bung hole

This is older than the internet..

i saw it on stumble immediately

does not work on me for some odd reason.

What gives?

Read the tags dipshits, GW knows it's old.


I'm willing to bet just you, me, and maybe one other person here would get that reference ;-)

gw says its old in the tags you wombats

For fun, save that photo and make it the background on a co-worker's computer who is too ill informed to know how to change their background. Or do it to your own workplace computer and lock it, then walk away.

I saw the film Delgo in HD.

It doesn't seem to work for me. What's supposed to happen?

I saw max headroom....


You didn't see the sailboats???

Posting something like this on your blog will just make people sad for you...

what's next, lolcats?


old shit is old!!

but it is still awesome.

Fishbowl vision is what I contracted from this sexy visual disease

verily thif be olde like thine moder whifpering eye! parched and cracked liken unto tombef of gauzed wrapped pharaon

LOL It's a schooner!

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I saw the BP logo.

Wow the stars on my other desktop wouldn't stop moving. It feels like Im in space!

After watching this i could see my hand growing and my skin slithering :\
Rather freaky. For some reason i kept seeing red lines in the background whilst staring at the screen, kept making a spinning star shape.

Cool, Nice GW.

Was something supposed to happen?

@ 37. Huh? What reference? I made reference to something?
If I made a reference I don't even get it!

OHHHHHH. the gun! Sometimes I'm a little slow!

I'm sure I saw that back in 1998 or 99. Fail.

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It's the EYE....from Lord of the Rings!!!

It's a real trip if you look at the images on the left or text on the screen... it's like... woooO!!!

It's a real trip if you look at the images on the left or text on the screen... it's like... woooO!!!

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