Oct 25 2010Look Out -- TIE Roller Coming Through!


Get it, TIE roller? Like high roller, except with a TIE instead of high. I dunno, my roommate told me to write it. Also, to jam a knife in the toaster "to make special effects". It actually did look like a spaceship exploding aside, this is a TIE fighter wheelchair costume just in time for Halloween. "Use the Force elevator, Luke".

Image of the Day: Wheelchair TIE Fighter Costume [blastr]

Thanks to twellve, who once rode her X-Wing Radio Flyer down three flights of stairs without ever hitting a wall. Oh you're good.

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As we all know from what has been happening in the Hollywood Mel has truly come out of his shell in a horrible way . No doubt he has issues that need serious talking about . But i don't think his career is officially over in the spot light of Hollywood. I mean its a risk taken him on in a film if taken on to be apart of a movie its a risk of people not wanting him apart of it or movie not selling because of Mel's face on the big screen. last comment .. Like the rest of the world Mel is human , things happen and when it comes out it comes out in the worst way .

Hahahaha, hilarious!


Would be funnier of the guy wasnt handicapped

kudos for the creativity of the wheelchair bound

(not everyone can be FDR and dr strangelove)

This is older than the internet

this guy rode that thing down 'the devastator' at some theme park on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel 2 weeks ago

I think this is an awesome costume for someone bound to a wheelchair. Coming up with a good costume is always a challenge, but can be much harder for those with special needs. This one rules!

@4 or Dr. Everett Scott

Thats wonderful!
Glad to see someone being something other than Prof. X.

Very creative.

Tenth...... fade away you faders!

Is it sad that my first thought was. "hey look! it's downtown disney"

I WANT THAT LIGHTSABER!!!!!....kinda looks like a long dildo though, amirite???



btw this guy is win!

"thier was no father" this guy was given birth by the will of win.

HAHA "Use the Force elevator, Luke"

@ 11 Nerissa

ha ha me too...

I already saw that picture from somewhere but hilarious! :D

How about a Pi fighter?

older than dino shit c'mon GW

I hope he has a wingman to help him see whats on either side of him. Also, didn't Vader fly the TIE Advanced with the curved solar collectors?

Hope Darth Vader doesn't have to cross any roads

awesome good job bro

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