Oct 12 2010I Like 'Em Hairy!: Oven-Baked Edible Spiders


In reality, everything is edible, it might just be your last meal. Plutonium? You CAN put it in your mouth. Spiders too, except they probably WON'T kill you. But they will lay eggs in your tonsils! Haha -- have fun dreaming about that one tonight! Anyway, oven-baked edible tarantulas: so hairy going down.

Right now you're wondering if this tarantula is real. Yup! Every Oven-Baked Tarantula is baked in its native Cambodia, and collected from monitored sources (to protect the tarantula's natural population). Each one is baked, crunchy, and just a little hairy - but ready to eat right out of the package. Just don't forget to remove the fangs first. Then, enjoy your yummy Cambodian delicacy - your very own Oven-Baked Tarantula.

ThinkGeek is currently out of stock but will be selling the salty spiders for $25 apiece when they restock. Which, according to my calculations, is a billion percent markup from what you'd expect to pay in Cambodia. Anybody else smell a profitable business venture?! No? Just dog farts? Dammit Chloe, not right by my head!

ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Tiffany, who actually drinks spider venom. I'm, uh, I'm pretty sure that makes you a witch.

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Reader Comments


Does not want!!!

Had 'm in Cambodia, they're not bad. The legs don't taste like much (kinda like burnt hay), but the body tastes a bit like crunchy eggyolk.

Taste like chicken.

GW, wrong about one thing, LASERS.
I mean, how you gonna eat a laser beam -emphasis on beam
..lasers are probably edible. like, the pen ones might be tasty!

GW, I love you. I just read the subterranean shit shoveler post from July 10 and "Turd Lung" just made me laugh out loud for five minutes. Damn, you are funny.

this was on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel


Crunchy! Just how I like my spiders.


Even if you got past the idea of it being a spider you are eating and you did manage to swallow it. Wouldn't those little prickly hair get stuck in your throat and make you gag till you threw up.........just saying

Shouldnt they be paying you to eat the tarantulas? I think this was on fear factor.

I'm totatlly ordering one these, along with some goodies from hotlix >:D

huzzah, a halloween feast is soon to come!

Distinctly fuck that. With a sandpaper dick. With GW pushing.

tarantulas: Cool pets, horrible food item


I'm totally buying one! They also offer some gnarly looking toasted leafcutter ants! I'm buying those too! I'm freaky like that! Who wants my number?!?!

@12 - Nailed it. Fück that, and everything that looks, sounds, smells or feels like that. If you need to eat this in order to get excitement in yoür life, yoü are a dümp trück full of ass. Jümping sh|t that is nasty.

listen to all these precious little children crying about the scary scary spider

you pathetic pieces of shit need a mcdonalds IV drip

Reminds me of the old Saskatoon restaurant billboard:

"There's plenty of room for all of God's creatures.
Right next to the mashed potatoes."

Somebody just found the perfect Christmas present for her roomateee~!

Wouldn't be the first hairy thing I've eaten... (dogs were the first... just saying)

Eating anything whole is a surefire way to have zombie animals in your stomach. Why do you think they cut the face of shrimp in civilized places? Zombie Tarantula is bad fucking news.

@17 Pathetic my ass. I'm simply not eating a whole spider from a third world country. I'm not afraid of spiders or anything. Although, this ex boss I really really hate is TERRIFIED of them. I feel an anonymous christmas present showing up on his keyboard...

Oh my goodness I literally just posted a newspaper cutting of my old school's new head eating one of these bad boys!


The old headmaster would never have done this.

@ Stuart Taylor - That stunt your school's head pulled is pretty cool. It simultaneously impresses the kids and tells them this dude is F'ing crazy and shouldn't be messed with.

Cooked spider midsections are a yummy mix of guts, eggs and shit. I'd rather starve.

@9 -

Yeah, apparently you're not supposed to handle some tarantulas (or at least touch their fine hairs) because the hairs are small enough to enter our skin like needles and it's super irritating to the skin.

Obviously those super fine hairs are prob burnt off during the cooking - leaving the larger less risky hairs

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