Oct 5 2010Highly Questionable: Alleged Unicorn Sighting


See the unicorn in the picture? Of course not, because there isn't one. What there IS is a horse with a broken golf club taped to its head. Still, the Ontario Science Centre wants you to believe (oooor score itself some free viral advertising).

Hickey-Jones brought the footage to the Ontario Science Centre to be analyzed by experts. The Science Centre is reviewing the footage frame-by-frame to determine whether Hickey-Jones' claim is legitimate. With closer examination, Science Centre staff is hoping to establish whether or not a genuine unicorn sighting has occurred.

In the meantime, the Science Centre is asking the public to use caution if they think they see a unicorn. Do not make any sudden movements or attempt to use flash photography. Although legends of unicorns state that they are peaceful creatures, scientists worry that they may harm themselves or others if they end up on a road or highway. The Ontario Science Centre has set up an emergency unicorn hotline for the public for further information on unicorns or to report any unusual or questionable sightings. The hotline number is 416-696-3260.

So I actually called that number because I have like 40 unicorn sightings (including half a dozen pettings) to report and there were three phone prompts: 1) report a unicorn sighting 2) learn more about unicorns and 3) learn more about the Science Centre's upcoming exhibit, 'Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids'. So yeah, mystery solved. Still, what kind of wizard would I be if I didn't post every fake unicorn sighting? A way better one? Oh. ABRACADAMMIT.

Hit the jump for the video in case you want to trick your dumb stupid friends.

Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley

Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley [newswire]

Thanks to Nicholas, who knows real unicorns don't go around showing themselves to asshats with crappy video cameras staring directly at the sun. They will show themselves to the door though if you're rude at a dinner party.

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Reader Comments

Get a gun! I want to shoot it and then eat it!
We will shit rainbows forever!!

Is it just me or can you clearly see some of the grass through the unicorns body?

LMAO!!! It gallops then the feet stop and slides through half the frame... Unicorn Sighting FAIL!

Wow...that's not even close to being believable...

Obviously, that unicorn is on roller skates. Duh.

Well, there's your answer: Toronto, Ontario. Crazy Canadians. Why they gotta make me look bad?

LOL it literally just slides out of frame, man I hate being canadian sometimes

@2 AGREED. Had to watch it a few times.

There's no question that unicorns are real (where do you think McRib meat comes from?), but this is an obvious fake.

viral marketing kaboom!

That is the gayest horse ever

Come on, "nay"sayers (see that?). Everyone knows that Unicorns are imbued with such a high concentration of magical energy, the forces of friction and physics don't apply to them. They can just GLIDE seamlessly across the grassy plains without having to move their legs!

No way that was a unicorn, that horse didn't even look gay

Unicorns do not gallop. They glide.

Seriously? Scientists are wasting their time on this when they could be revealing the truth about Bigfoot, UFOs, the Lock Ness Monster, or bad Photoshop snowjobs.

ITS a unicorn

Skateboarding Unicorn FTW!

That was extremely disappointing, at least make it look like it's really galloping!

Its just a horse with a horn, whats such a big deal? We have thousan of these in Canada..... lame

unicorn horn not bouncing up and down while it trots for a lose on a fake attempt

I know nobody is going to believe this, but this is real. I was able to get close to this magnificent creature and befriend him. He took me on a journey far beyond the reaches of my imagination, to lands that only exist in the dreams of angels. Then much to my dismay, the morning sun peaked through my window and alas, he was gone. Farewell trustworthy steed...farewell...

Half video editing, half power-point.
Gliding Unicorn should be an Internet Meme

Wow. *Crossing off Canadians on list of people to make me a video*


Canada just wants it's own creature tourist trap... Like UFO's and Bigfoot in the US and Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

The ontario Science Center is opening a new exhibit on October 9th called "Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids".

They were trying to start a viral video to drum up publicity. Total fail


Still a total fail here

guys guys guys... it's just viral marketing for their Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids exhibition...


naw, that's just a horse who looked "too closely" into a stick then ran off

Canada already has it's own mysterious creatures... Okanagan lake has the Ogopogo! We also have Sasquatch, not to mention Polar Bears!!!!!


Is it just me or do the legs not move?!

Everyone knows this is fake. We all know that unicorns died in the same fiery explosion with the dinosaurs, big foot and the Beatles.

They float in charlie the unicorn I dont know why you think its so unbelievable.







@ number 2. It's not just you, I noticed the grass throigh the body. I knew this was fake right away when I saw the head bob, and the horn stay in place. Obvious cgi work on this one guys.

LOL fucking really?! Do people really have to use science to determine if it's real. #2 pointed it out and I mean come on it just looks fake as hell.

Fun Fact:
this film was shot by the double rainbow guy!

You Guys Know Unicorns are Real Right?
The are Called Rhinos
Yes Rhinos
the ancient people saw Rhinos and immediately thought they were unicorns
So technically they Do Exist, is just not what we think

Same with Mermaids, real mermaids exist, they are Manatees, Same story

Dragons: Dinosaur Bones

Even Santa Claus is real HE JUST DIED Hundreds of years ago, BUT HE DID EXIST

firstly, the legs arent moving, and secondly, what makes you think he didnt just glue a stick to the horses head?

lmfao fucking canadians. they couldnt even get a real horse to edit the horn onto. god you all should be ashamed of your country right now for even entertaining the idea of using this as a publicity stunt. this is truly the worst edit job ever hahahahaha jeeeze

The horses legs aren't even fucking moving.

that was an epic video there, canucks.

Fake and gay, who films the sun anyway?


You can see it's on sort of a zip line, the legs never move, and at the beginning the moving hair gives it the illusion that it's galloping. I think they just glued some fake hair onto it to help make it look like it's moving lol! I wonder where they got a giant cardboard horse from? I want one

come on guys, don't be so skeptical. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEEEEEEEEVIE!

why would they show a close up of the head when the frame jumps around and the horn stays in the same place?????

i mean if you're gonna zoom in at least FIX IT

The Ontario Science Centre is doing a"Mystic Creatures" exhibit on Oct 9th

Haha! Weird man! I think I need more puff with that fat joint!

The legs dont move or if they do its extremely slight.
Not enough for it to move at the speed it did.

FACK in my opinion.

Look right around 0:09 and 0:10... you can see the HORSE moving up and down slightly, but the "horn" stays perfectly still as it slides out of frame. No up/down movement, like Stephen Hawking during "sex."

Not real. The horses head does not move while its galloping, and its feet do not move either. They sort of do these things when they run...

fake.you can tell because its like that movie never back down, where the shadows are strange.

i LOL'ed at this. looks like its on a track or something because its feet certainly arent moving.

Im pretty sure horses gallop..


fake unicorn uses FAIL!!
it is very effective.


Thats a dirty filthy lie and I can't believe I'm Canadian.
That unicorn is OBVIOUSLY horrible put using after effects. It fully slides out. -_-

Canadians sure are stupid.

How many post does it take to confirm a video of a unicorn is clearly fake...lets find out.

I like to think that the horse is real and they just made it stand on a rolling platform while pulling it. That horse would either be freaking out or be having a shit ton of fun. Although, having a whateverthehellthatwas stuck to it's head might get annoying.

Why does the unicorn look like it's just sliding along like that? None of it's body is moving as a horses should when running off

For those saying 'obvious cg job' I would counter with "WTF? Surely you mean 'obvious horse model on a fricking trolley!'" Why would anyone even bother to make that cock and balls in cg when they can just drag a fake unicorn along with a string?

Unicorns are real. I saw a lot near the fields and forrest when it was summer. They really exist, but they seem to visit our reality trough a dimensional portal from another parallel-reality. They exist and they are beautiful, a lot bigger than normal horses and they all are white. I never saw a brown or black unicorn in our country. Also other people I know saw Unicorns very often in their lifes.

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