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Living in LA, I'm no stranger to the homeless. Like, literally -- they're my kind of people: crazy as f*** and willing to piss on anything. That said, dude you got a Dell! I would have opted for a refrigerator box, but hey, to each their own. One time I traded a clove to a bum for a cupped handful of cognac. True story.

He May Be Homeless, But At Least He Has Facebook [gizmodo]

Thanks to zombiepartz, who once gave a bum $4 and told him to spend it all on booze. I do the same!

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Good job zombiepartz for finding this! (That's my bro! :D )

awesome. two bums fighting over a sandwich meets the future

how does he keep it charged??

@Just Sayin' yeah, cause outlets are sooo rare.

cool ^^ at least he does not spend money on drugs and booze

is he the nigerian prince that wants to give me all his money?

i saw a bum buy a DS game yesterday

@tn11, yes they are if you are living under a tarp. It's not like he can just bring his cart into Starbucks and be all like, "Don't mind me, just charging my laptop I acquired legally at an electronics store." And you know he's not leaving his cart outside. He'll defend his stuff to the death. TO THE DEATH

This is Mario, he's a homeless reporter/film-maker from Montreal, Qc.

One of the nicest human being I know!

Fücking büms, stay off my WebTübes!

\/\/ \/\/ \/\/.smells_like_old_urine.com

What an stupid article and how many stupid responses. The way you make fun of poor people, like if they dont have rights, they did not choose to live like that. Funny thing is that in your unstable and shitty country you can all go broke in a matter of hours. Ps. All of you, go fuck yourselves.

He's probably just staring endlessly into a blue screen of death..

You're all assuming the computer actually works.

@8- I don't know about in LA but here in Boston theres a store on every block that has an electrical plug outside, for power hoses or whatever else needs to be plugged in outside, I could find a hundred places to charge a laptop in under an hour, im sure the homeless guy can too.

It's a Dell, so I kind of assumed it didn't work.

And somewhere nearby a wall street suit lies dead in a ditch. Im pretty sure thats his head in the garbage bag on the left.


You sound like a really fun, easy going person with a great sense of humor...wanna hang out sometime and watch 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy? Great movie, I know you'll love it.

Now then, guess I'll get back to fucking myself. Such a harsh punishment.

PS. Standing up for a group of people while simultaneously shitting all over another shows real character. You da man, Dan!!! Please relax and bask in your self-righteous glory as we all bow down to your moral superiority. Please feel free to enlighten us further as to what we may find ironic. Oh yeah...and if you're not too good for it, go ahead and join the rest of us in fucking ourselves.

Looks like Mel Gibson in his disguise!

Hey, bums gotta fap too.

@17 I'm going to assume he's just trolling, but nice response, you get +10 to sarcasm

this was on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel last week

extreme rollercoasters was just like that scene from never back down

FAKE! i saw this on the travel channel



@3 that's why it's fake.

Just updating his resume mang!

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holy shit he has a dell d600... i am writing with one :( i feel poor

Isn't that Nick Nolte???

Actually it all makes sense once you notice that it's a Dell.

pathethic blog with pathethic users

The homeless need porn more then anyone else out there.


Pathetic spelling of the word pathetic.

Holy fuck...Dusty from the new Medal of Honor finally gets out of the military and now look at him...


It's fvcking Obomma giving free laptops, cellphones, & ipods to the homeless and to black people. With our tax money. Fvcking liberal c0cksmokers. They're also giving vouchers to indoor water parks. Went to a IWP in the Poconos and there was about 200 ghetto rats there. Those jobless welfare monkeys can't afford to do that without a handout from Obummfvck. They left an oily ring around the whole damn park. Great parents they make too, Kids left unattended, toddlers running around without diapers, pissing and shltting everywhere, empty KFC buckets littered everywhere. There was even a couple shootings, inside the waterpark. Looked like something from national geographic. Smelly apes.

This is what World of Warcraft does to you.

Nah....too much MW2

So you found out that somebody posted a picture of you on a blog, huh, and now you're pissed off at the world?? Don't you have a radio show you should be hosting right about now?

BTW - feeding trolls is fun.

@33 BAAAhahahaha


Actually, the reason the blacks leave their kids unattended at water parks is because they hope one might drown so they can sue. They got like 15 kids each anyway, 12-14 of which will end up dead or in jail at some point before they're 20, so no worries.

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I wonder if he"s surfing the web for "Dirty ole Bum " porn?

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