Sep 2 2010Well Don't You Look Dapper!: Carstaches


Carstaches are the male counterpart to Carlashes: both are ridiculous and will be torn off your car in a matter of days. Hours if you live in a bad part of town. Minutes if you live where I do. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody stabbed the mailman and stole them as he was ringing my doorbell. $40 takes one home in pink, orange or black. Me? I just ordered pink to match my Carlashes!

Carstache & lashes so loud

Truck nuts swangin'
They hopin' that they gon catch me ridin' tranny
Oh my gosh I'm ridin' tranny
Oh my gosh I'm ridin' tranny
Oh my gosh I'm on the sidewalk
Now we're in a building

Urban Outfitter Product Site

Thanks to Joe, who's holding out for an entire beard. Great, now I want mutton chops.

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and the car lashes werent bad enough


i wana be a firstard!


This would be perfect for Burning Man...

@4 Then Be a Firsty!


ridin tranny! haha, genius!


This is retarded, and isn't remotely "geekie". I think it may be time to get a new news source for future posts. Surely these carstashes aren't the techiest thing on the interweb right now.

Blocks air flow to the radiator.

This is just like the scene in that one movie when whats-his-name's car overheats.

oooooooo. nice try daisy fan, but that hurt alot.

@10 I think the point of posts like this one is so that we, the geeks, can make fun of it

I'm assuming these are being marketed towards gay men, or lesbians. They're pink/orange and fuzzy. I don't know a straight man who find these useful

Forget carstaches and carlashes, I wanna cartaint. My car's gettin a taint-job. Woot, so it can leave skid marks on the sidewalk.

Have a lot of experience with the gay men and lesbians do you? So does your mother.

use both car lashes and stashes, and you'll get something worthy of an egging target. :D

I can see it now..... somebody's radiator will overheat and while they are the dumb one for buying the stupid product that blocks the radiator (DUH!), they'll end up suing the company. That is unless this company puts a disclaimer on the product which I doubt they do.


I'll order a black one put it on a bently and call my car the pringles man

My friend has one, and he said it's changed his life. People drive by his work, see the 'stache, and turn around to come back and look. Sometimes they get out and take pictures with it. All of his coworkers think it's the funniest thing they've ever seen.

The only problem is that he's had one for about 6 months now, so old news here.

Must have... but for my face.

I see why there are "Truck Nuts".

Those are the guys who ride things
with testicles dangling from them.

Carstaches? I don't get the appeal.

How many dumasses are going to bring their overheated engines in for repair and leave the carstache in place, covering the radiator grill?

What do you mean my warranty is void?

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